NEW RBT Bullet for the XD45

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by swageking, Jul 19, 2007.

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    Have you seen us?
    Our company is in Taffin Tests in the new Sept/Oct Edition of American Handgunner/ pages 32&110
    with some stunning results. Our newest product the "SCORPION" is a 260 grain Baby Boattail .452" diameter using a tapered hex and pin hollow point design.
    So check us out at
    Thanks Bullet Bob.:)
  2. FALPhil

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    You have some interesting products. I am especially interested in the 203 gr rebated boat tail bullet in .308.

    May I make a suggestion? The only place I could find packaging info and pricing was on your "printable price list". Some of your products were not even on that list. It would be very helpful for web shoppers if you included the number of bullets per box and the price per box in your product descriptions. I know that it could be quite a maintenance task as the prices of the commodities you use in your products fluctuate. But that maintenance would cost you a lot less than frustrated shoppers turning away to buy your competitors' products.

  3. swageking

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    Thanks for your input we have been so swamped as of late , and find that there are so many variations to our products, jacket wall thickness, ogive angles, odd bullet weights , different alloys used in production, etc etc etc. i have had a awfull time keeping our website and price lists current. i wish there were 30 hours in the day. the work hardend tip 203 grain .308" RBT bullets are $50.00 bucks a box (50 count) and 9.50 USPS mail this has a 6S Ogive a good hunting bullet. The work hardend tip is pretty tricky to produce and we lose a lot in production, that accounts for their pricing.
    you can just call us , we except master card and visa or even paypal. again thanks for your input we are working on it .
    Thanks Bullet Bob..
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    This is the single oldest post in the XD sub-forum.

    It's funny, because Swageking has 10 posts, and this could be the earliest known example of a guy trying to beat the Vendor rates.

    While it's posted in the XD section, I found only one type of .45ACP for sale, and that was named "The Scorpion".

    I tend not to buy ammo named after badazz animals.

    I wish somebody would do a 230 grain "Panda" round.:(