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New question for the newbie!

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When adding any accessories to your mini-14 what loc-tite or thread locker do you use on the screws to keep them from coming loose?
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This ^^^^^^
Something with medium strength, blue is the most common. In a pinch nail polish works too!
As Vincent and Tri commented!

BLUE! BLUE! BLUE! And use is sparingly. Like a "small" "small" tooth pick applied drop!
Also take the time to do some research on "inch pound torque" specifications on the screws or fasteners.
A lot of folks break screws by putting entirely too much torque on the screws and etc. Which on occasion can create a real problem if the screw breaks off in the weapon or mounts. Fingernail polish also works but you might want to use clear. They might think your funny using RED! :p

Thansk guys. Yeah i think red would get me some seriously funny looks. Might try some neon yellow for poops and hahas. LOL I will be picking the blue up in the a.m.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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