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New purchase's spent casing

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What is the purpose of some companies shipping a new firearm with a spend casing in an envelope with the serial number on it? I've read on the interwebs things from; some states requiring that a spend casing be shipped with a new pistol for the purposes of filing it with the State for identification or "firearms fingerprinting" to; it's simply the proof of testing of the firearm prior to leaving the factory.

Though I couldn't remember getting one with any of my older pistols and my recent SIG purchases didn't come with them (I lived in NYC and currently live in NJ), my sister got one with her Glock 19 and lives in NJ, but not with her other recent purchases. And I searched the FTF forum and couldn't find a references to it...

Please advise...
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some states like massechussettes curtesy of mitt romney require registering a spent casing with the police. thats the sole reason.

some companies like ruger send proofing cases. while legal to send in as it is fired from the gun its totally useless for ID purposes since proof firings are used with over pressure cartridges heh.

the dirty secret about these id schemes is they are a total waste since a gun canot be matched up to a cartridge once its been fired a couple dozen times after the test cartridge. its even difficult to match a gun to a bullet in most modern firearms. its seldom used in actual courtroom proceedings and typically carries little weight in court due to the huge margin of error.

you cant really fingerprint a firearm with any real accuracy. DNA tests are far more accurate than firearm to cartridge or bullet matchups unless there is a very distinguishable mark unique to just that gun and thats rare.

mainly these stamping schemes and case id schemes are just means of funneling taxpayer money to political cronies.

i get em in some guns and they just go into the reload bucket. i like getting them because it means the gun really was fired at the factory and didnt blow up and i get a case for reloading
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And now I know.
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