New Pump .22's

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  1. Rex in OTZ

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    Henry pump MSRP's at $515

    Remington 572 Fieldmaster MSRP $607

    Rossi has droped the pump rifle from its line up they list a .22 carbine version of the curcuit judge in a convertable revolving carbine in .22Lr and .22Mag (Both cylinders) MSRP $710

    there should still be plenty of newly used .22 Rossi's and Taurus's still on the market for 2-3 more years before they dry up.

    I have a Stainless Carbine mfg By Taurus that I like very well its ashame they dropped there pumps and levers due to market trends there model 62, 72(Pumps) and 63(semiauto) .22's were really nice firearms..

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  2. big shrek

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    I'd look for an old Marlin pump or Remmy Fieldmaster series pump...the older, the better :)

    I've got a 1913 Marlin model 37 that is phenominally precise...might have something to do with the 24" barrel ;)
    Reguardless, its NICE...and snagged for $250 at a yard sale.
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