New Parts List for canary's build...

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    O.k... Had some serious computer issues, all is now well...
    The rifle went away to Accuracy Systems in Colorado for, "Barrel Repair"
    and since the muzzle flash was so bad I called out to Noveske and had them drop ship a KX3 out there so they could get the timing perfect. While I was on the phone to them, I asked about the Viking tach sling, and since it was still on sale, ordered that as well.
    I also ordered a new more open trigger guard as the temps here in Illinois have deemed glove use an essential part of life.
    I also decided to get a larger charging handle lever, and since everything else is ambidextrous I ordered the ambi. star safety lever as well
    I received the Midway U.S.A. sale flyer over the weekend and found a DPMS grip I dig for only 20.00.
    I then ordered a Kickeez butt pad for the currently under construction stock which will be combining some elements of "light combat" and "competition style".
    The Trijicon sight will be mounted out by the end of the barrel at a 2 O'clock position.
    Oh, and a cool RRA cap.

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    Keep us informed. Redoing your rifle like this calls for a range report when finished. :)

  3. ANGRYcanary

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    Dan... When this is done, I'll post pics AND videos... :D