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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Izenrok, Dec 17, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    I just recently acquired my first 1911, a Nighthawk Custom GRP. I took it to the range last Wednesday evening and put my first 105 rounds through it.

    Anyway, here is my range report.

    First 4 magazines through my new GRP are in the silhouette between 3 & 10 yds: mag 1- tight grouping top of the head 3-5yds, mag 2- 5 to 10 yds center of mass shots combined with head shots, mag 3-spleen shots with head shot 10 yds, mag 4- Gall shots with center of mass and head shots 8 yds.

    The last 2 magazines were split between the 2 targets on either side of the head, 13 rounds in the left (~10yds) and 5 in the right (15 yes).

    I'm not a sharp shooter by any standards, but I have to say the GRP definitely is an impressive and beautiful weapon. It is so smooth even right out of the bag I can't believe it, "it's like butta". Definitely the best 1911 I have ever shot or handled. I could not be happier. Now all I need is a nice leather holster to go with it.

    Thank you JD for all the time spent chatting with me about different 1911's and steering me towards the GRP from Nighthawk Custom. I love my GRP and yes I'm hooked.

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  2. Tidalforce79

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    Congrats! You picked a fine piece. Complaints against Nighthawk do exist, but the praise far outweighs those complaints. I'm glad you had the chance to pick one up......but be warned......they are very addictive :D

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    First 1911 and you spoiled yourself.
  4. 7point62

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    Nice gun, good report. You have achieved Enlightenment.