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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by BonesD, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. BonesD

    BonesD New Member

    Hello, new member as of last week and have posted on a thread with no problem and I tried to post in the for sale section but I am being blocked by the admin... Is there a waiting period for this type of post. I looked through the rules etc but did not see it mentioned.
  2. NOVA

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    If you followed the rules as shown below, they should have let you post - you might want to PM the Admin notdku

    Classified Rules:

    1. Fill out your location in your profile. Include City/State

    2. No Cross-Linking. Do not post links to ads off site.

    3. No eBay ads. This includes ads directing a person to eBay to search for an item with or without links. (IE: “Search for …”)

    4. Post your items in the appropriate section.

    5. Only one post per item per member. You may post multiple ads or ads with multiple items in them, but each ad must be for an item or items not listed in one of your other ads. Multiple posts for the same item will be deleted.

    6. Post a price for your item. If you are unsure of the value or wish to accept offers, place OBO (Or Best Offer) next to your price.

    7. Provide a detailed description of the item(s).

    8. Keep your main post(s) up to date. Once you go through the process of posting the add check it often. Please edit your first post(s) when an item is sold. When all items are sold, use the “Notify” icon to let the staff know the topic can be locked, or post in the thread.

    9. No Comments or Free Bumps in sales threads.

    10. No arguing prices in the threads. The OP is entitled to ask whatever they want for their items. Any arguing over prices will be deleted and subject to disciplinary action.

    11. No selling illegal or immoral things.

    12. You are only allowed to bump your thread once every 24 hours. Excessive bumping will result in locking or deleting your thread.

    13. All of the other Forum Rules still apply in the Classifieds.

    Classified suggestions:

    1. Buyer protection and payment. We at FTF encourage the use of for all payments. Using PP will allow the buyer a 45 day grace period in order to get a full refund dispute if problems arise.
    2. When possible, try to include a recent picture of the item and provide further pictures as requested.
    3. The staff will occasionally purge the classifieds of old ads (typically 30 days or older from last post). If your ad was deleted but the item is still available, please feel free to repost the item.

    Use of the FirearmsTalk Classified section is solely at the users risk.
    This service is provided on a purely voluntary basis and all risks are assumed by the user.
    FirearmsTalk, it’s admin, and staff assume no responsibility for the legality, accuracy, or validity of the items listed.

  3. trip286

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    isn't there a minimum posting requirement of 25 posts total?

    IGETEVEN New Member

    You only got 18 more posts to go. You need 25 posts. Maybe someone will add that to them rules someday.

    Whatcha waiting on? Better get cracking! :D
  5. BonesD

    BonesD New Member

  6. spittinfire

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    Welcome to the forum. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
  7. Shooter

    Shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Yup, 25 posts 30 days. Long enough to get to know you.
  8. BonesD

    BonesD New Member

    Thanks for al the replies, had wanted to list a few items for sale before I drug them off to the gun show. I am trying to generate a few dollars for a new rifle for my daughter. Thanks again.
  9. Krinkbusta

    Krinkbusta New Member

    Is it 25 post to post in the market place or 25 posts plus 30days on the board?