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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by ship4brains, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. ship4brains

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    First time poster!!!

    I just purchased a Tanfoglio Witness full steel frame 9mm / 22 combo. It is a beautiful pistol for the money. Research I've done shows other caliber options exist, including 10mm.

    Curious, if anyone here has a Tanfoglio set up as a 10mm? Is the frame/slide/action up to the task?

    As well as being a first time poster at this forum, I'm somewhat of a pistol newbie.
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    Welcome to firearms talk. Im new here myself. Be sure to go to the introduction portion of this site to tell everyone a little bit about yourself. If you have any questions everyone here seems to be very helpful.

  3. freefall

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    My daughter, The Lovely Miss Freefall, bought a Tanfoglio Witness in 10mm about 18 months ago. She fired it about 80 times with American Eagle factory fodder, not exactly fireballs, and the the frame cracked above the safety, locking things up, and there was a small star fracture in the front right of the slide. Luckily she got her $ back, none of us will be buying another. YMMV.
    ps. There are a few, if not several, posts extant on this subject. The search feature is your friend.
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  4. ZombieKiller83

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    Before i bought my Witness 9mm/.22lr combo, i researched the hell out of it and it seemed i kept running into the same conclusions: The recoil springs were too soft and the frames did not hold up to anything higher than 9mm. I personally would not run a higher caliber on this platform as it seems to be really hit or miss with how long they will hold up to it.

    I did stumble across this guide rod that claims to resolve the issue of frame abuse
    Tanfoglio Guide Rods by Hennings Shop, Ships Overseas
  5. sweeper22

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    EAA Witness 9mms are solid CZ 75 clones. They're good guns.

    If you want a 10mm, buy one (don't try converting up). There are a couple Witness 10mm owners at my local range, and they're very happy with their guns. It's a lot of gun for the money. But I've heard many, many examples of the cracked slides and frames that freefall mentions above. It's not remotely uncommon.
  6. Wambli

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    I own an EEA Witness 10mm and have had no issues with it.