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The last few years I have gone crazy on 1911's, then AR's, then Reloading and now I want to jump into the machine gun fix! I would appreciate anyone pointing me in the right direction as to how to find reputable dealers and their input as to a good first buy. I want an M-16 like I shot years ago in the Corp (Semper Fi) but have gotten advice to get an UZI because the ammo and barrels are cheaper...

I asked for help in another area of Firearms Talk but perhaps this thread is more appropriate. Other then reading it would be helpful to know how the process works (not the paperwork) such as if I find the gun I want with a Dealer in another state how do I have a gunsmith look it over and give it passing or failing grades and how do I get an appraisel or valuation that tells me I am not spending 5k too much...

Any advice or input will be gratefully apprciated....Baer45 in Richmond, Va.
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