New Maverick Model 88 for Home Defense

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  1. krazykeny

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    New Maverick Model 88 for Home Defense

    Don't let the gun snobs talk you into giveing way too much.
    Maverick Model 88 Price: $209.99 retail

    12 gauge - 20 inch barrel - 8 shot tube magazine

    Gave $150.00 for mine a few weeks ago at a jacksonville Florida gunshow.
    Brand new, unfired, in the box.

    Ran 50 rounds of Walmart / Winchester #4 Buckshot through it,
    as well as 5 rounds of Remintion Slugger 3 inch Mag. Rifled slugs,
    and 5 rounds of Reminton 3 inch Mag. # 4 Buckshot.

    Slot like a dream, cleaned up with Just WD40.



  2. hunter Joe

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    Kenny, WD40 is not good for the finish on any firearm. That's stuff is good for squeaks and adhesive tape removal. Try some Hoppes and Rem oil.

    Otherwise, that a nice firearm for the bucks.

  3. Missileman

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    Uh Oh, here we go with the WD40 issue... I'll just say one thing: I've used WD40 for over 40 years on all of my firearms, including expensive doubles, and it has never harmed any finish of any kind. I still wipe the outside down with it prior to putting away any gun, and it is the last patch to go down the barrel. I think the thought that WD40 harms guns is an urban legend--my proof is in the actual use of it for longer than I care to remember...
  4. RMc

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    Use a good gun oil...

    ...for lubing the mechanism.

    WD40 is a great water displacing rust preventatve for external metal surfaces - however it gums up over time on internal mechanisms and should be avoided for this use.
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  5. lukeisme

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    This little 88 has had I bet 2k rnds through it. I finaly after so many rnds and complaining by my wife let her use it as her home defense shotgun. A side note I also picked up one of their .308s and I have to say that the Maverick line is impressive!!!
  6. fixxer

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    I'm glad to hear someone is having luck with theirs. Maybe they've improved since I bought mine. I have a Maverick 88 and I have to say that mine is the biggest piece of junk that I've ever owned. For every shell I eject, it spits at least 1 live shell out on the floor out of the bottom. Then the elevator broke and now its unusable. Unless I can find used parts, I'd be in it for what the thing was worth to get it fixed. Call me a "gun snob" but I won't own another. Instead of fixing it, I think I'm gonna get a basic Rem 870 so I'm not chasing more crap with good money.
  7. Underdog

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    I bought a maverick 88 about 1 month ago and it has ran flawless with the 250 rounds I have put through it. I am very impressed with the gun and it is built very solid. The blued finish on the maverick is also a plus compared to the flat scratch easy finish being put on the new 870 line, I know this for a fact as I have a new 870 and it's showing lots of wear after only 3 months.