New laws mean new criminals?

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    Hopefully, this eventuality will never come to pass.

    With all the gun-ban legislation proposals in New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Louisiana, Virginia, and elsewhere, what would you, as a law-abiding, trained, safe gun owner do if laws were passed that made guns you own illegal?

    Would you obey the new laws and turn in or sell your guns and agree not to own that class of firearm anymore? Or would you instead quietly decide to keep your guns and by so doing deliberately break the law?

    I apologize if this is a sensitive topic. If the moderators don't like it, they can nuke the thread.

    My state representative recently voted for a bunch of new gun control laws. One of his comments -- and I have the recording of him saying this -- is that frangible bullets are a dangerous class of armor piercing ammunition that must be banned. Another state representative was caught on video saying that firearms with a barrel shroud must be banned, but when asked what a barrel shroud is she didn't know.

    There's no way I would let these brain-donor screwtards disarm me and leave me and my family in harm's way. This would mark the first time I would knowingly choose to engage in an illegal act (traffic moving violations aside).

    Laws must serve the people. Gun control laws do not serve the people; they serve those in government who fear the people.
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    Just see the first line in my signature. It pretty much sums up my position.



    Hello all


    In all my years of Service, traveling to many places that I hated, and had Bad laws, I have to say I Really tried to obey the law? I sent all my prohibited guns to my Dad, I didn't carry armed, unless it really was necessary and what did it get me? I mean, I slept better, but what about the average "CRIMINAL", think he or she is gonna turn in his gun at the next amnesty turn in? No more than a Plummer would his box of tools?

    In Calif, every year, I would send in my application for consealed carry! Every month and a half, I'd get the rejection letter, Then a day later, I'd strap on my gun again? Was I breaking the law? YUP, did I see it as necessary? YUP, in the eyes of the law, was I any different than a Mugger or armed robber?? NO< But to me, I WAS! It was the Difference between a Man breaking the law out of greed and violence and one breaking the Law as It MADE NO SENSE! Other places, Like Cleveland I worked as a copy machine Repairman, I was working late after dark, the Lady in the Firm I was working, told me she'd lead me back to the hiway, I told her no Need? She said, maybe you've not seen OUR FAIR CITY AFTER DARK? From then On, I went carry 24/7! It just makes no sense not to?

    NOw, do I have a Permit, YUP< do I re-new each year, YUP, do I carry in Prohibited area's here, NO! I keep it near by so I can get to it if I have to! Silly skirt of the Law, but it works for me!

    When I travel accreroos country I lock all the guns and ammo up in the back, away from acess, But I do carry a small auto consealed, Have so for more than 12 years, is it wrong? Maybe? Is it prudent, YUP!

    Never been one to look to break the law, but if that law Endangers your life? I leave that up to you, You know my anwser?
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    What I will say on this issue is a board is not the place to let the cat out of the bag on what one would do, sense they may be monitored and would give away your intentions. I personally have no intent of letting the people know what I will do one-way or the other.

    That being said, I feel that our Bill of Rights and Constitution are the highest form of Law in our country and any violation of them makes the violation void and people do not have to follow it. How ever the LEA’s will not see it that way so you have choices.
    1. Give up our guns.
    2. Hide them for when they come door to door looking for them.
    3. Stand and fight.

    Giving up your guns does not help anyone and makes for more victims for criminals.

    Hiding them will only result in your yard being dug up (If they know you’re a gun owner) and your house trashed. You will problem be placed under arrest and imprisoned until your guns are turned in. Now that was not politically correct of me to word it that way, I meant to say you would be detained for your own good and placed in a re-education camp for a proper indoctrination back into being a productive slave I mean citizen.

    Standing and fighting well we know the out come of that, but I view it as a necessary part of the being free, this is just my opinion.
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    Some of you guys know my stance on gun legislation, and I think there is intelligent forms of it, but to completley ban any type of firearm is absolutley intolerable. If a gun ban is put in place are those who own any gun under that ban before it is put in place grandfathered and allowed to keep them? I don't see me giving up my guns without a fight. If I would be considered a felon because of this I would really have to re-think my feelings on felons not being allowed to buy guns ;)
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    The only answer I can say to this post is that there will be MILLIONS of people with you on this one and I think there would be one h**l of a revolution in this country!!!! :mad: