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    My faithful carry of the last bunch of years, my 74 Colt Cobra is quickly going out of time. I let my wife shoot it, I'll blame her. Nobody wants to work on old Colts anymore unless you give them enough money that you have to take out a second mortgage on your house.

    I never go to gunshows, too much black plastic, ninja, tactical BS, beef jerky, free knife sharpening, bubba stuff, gunshows ain't what they used to be. A few of our wonderful, ultra liberal, government communists here in Memphistan are doing their dead level best to outlaw them and supposedly this was going to be the last one on a government property, never mind they've been having them there since the 80s. Well what the hell. One last time.

    I like light guns to carry, I'm all belly and no butt. The Cobra was perfect at 16 oz. unloaded, My 9mm. Shield is fine during the winter with a good belt, jeans and an undershirt but in the summer with shorts and a T shirt I'm forever pulling my shorts up. I started looking for something light in a legit caliber. Kahr specializes in compact and some of their 9mms. come in at 14 oz. empty. The last isle I walk down has one, the only Kahr in the building and it's from their CW series, second smallest, enough grip to get all fingers on. Damn it's a 40, I let the seller know I didn't want a 40. It did feel good and seeing I have another 40 I have ammo for days, well the seller got right on the price, $235, box, two mags, one holds six, one holds seven. Thank you downfall of the 40. The damn thing weighs 16.7 oz. empty.

    First trip to the range and this thing is a jamomatic with the seven round mag but the six round mag seems relable. A close look at the seven rounder showed a bad weld on the back so at least I got a follower, base, and spring left. Took it home cleaned it real good, polished the ramp, greased the rails. Today was my second trip to the range and I put 100 Winchester White Box 165 grainers through it without a hitch. Accurate too. Recoil far more manageable than expected. Weird trigger for a striker fired pistol, much more like a double action revolver, long, smooth, no grit or stages, I figure around six pounds. It will take some getting used to.

    A few more rounds, I do have a bunch of golden sabers, another six rounder and a decent IWB holster and I'm set for summer. Heck I've jumped up a round in capacity.

    Kahr (2).jpg
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    Kahrs have a break in period of 200 rounds I believe..... congratulations on the new gun
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  3. Mercator

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    Memphistan. Oh boy...
    I am partial to Kahr triggers. That long smooth trigger pull is a great safety feature. Probably better than Glock in that regard.
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    I have one just like it also in 9mm. great little Pistol. I also have a Khar P-380 that I carry in an ankle holster everyday when I am out. It also is a fine little Pistol and accurate as well.
    Enjoy that new Pistol. :)

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    Great gun and I’m a BIG fan if the .40. Nice score!!!
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  6. ramjet

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    Kahr P9 myself for the last 16-17 years. Great fun. Shoots well too!
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    I have the same model but in 45acp, also have the CT380, and the K9. The KAHR are not my favorite semi auto handguns, that spot is reserved for the 1911. The KAHR is however my favorite for social work. Don’t think there is any better!
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  8. franco45

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    I own several Kahrs and really enjoy them all. The trigger is consistent across their model lineup.
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  9. sheepdawg

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    Here it is, holster and bicycle tire tube grip adapter. The grips are aggressive and after 30 or so 40s the ole palm was getting a workout. Put 100 through it yesterday with my new adapter and it was a big, big difference. It prefers 165 grain stuff, ball especially. Few hangups at first but it's starting to get broke in. Still need a few hundred JHPs through it without a hitch.

    Desantis, The Insider IWB Holster. Nice, the clips a hassle though kahr cw40 (2).jpg kahr cw40 w holster (2).jpg
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  10. Maineiak

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    I had a CW9 a long time ago, I really wanted to like the pistol, but it was not reliable. I had problems with different ammo FTF, FTE, the magazine would fall out while firing it, and I lost confidence in it. I prolly got a lemon, they might not be that bad, but I will never give them another chance.
  11. sheepdawg

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    I think Kahrs are hit or miss. I really want to like it, it's a comfortable carry. I left the range feeling pretty good about it yesterday. Kahrs are known to need a good breaking in.
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  12. Dakota1

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    "Hit or Miss" is a nice way of saying "Spotty Quality Control." There are better choices.
  13. freefall

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    I'll give you $6 for that old POS Cobra, and pay the shipping!
    But I'll have you ship it to somebody else en route.
    I'll pay him too.
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