New Kahr night sights...DIY or 'smith?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by CHLChris, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. CHLChris

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    I am wanting to switch out sights on 3 pistols (to night sights):

    Kahr P380
    Kahr CW45
    SA XDM9

    I am handy, but don't have a sight-changing tool. I have looked at the P500 Universal Sight Tool, but it is $130.

    Should I get the sight tool and do my own sights? Or should I just have a smith do them?

    How do I make sure they are centered? Do I take the tool to the range and make adjustments in response to point of impact?

    I hear those Kahrs are bears. And the CW has kind of a funky front sight.
  2. danf_fl

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    Some night sights are better left for a smith to do. He breaks it, he get new. You break it, you have to buy new.

  3. winddummy

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    pistol sight tools

    I use my drill press. I put the slide in a drilling vise, making sure it won't get scratched by putting sections of leather from an old belt between the slide and the jaws. I use a drill bit reversed (cutting side up) in the chuck, and press the sights out. This has never failed or damaged a sight. I've done this on at lease 20 different pistols of many makes. Just find out which direction you have to push.
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  4. CHLChris

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    ...and buy a drill press
    ...and buy the proper vise
    I love tools, but I'm looking for the cheapest way to be successful.

    That said, I'm really glad you added that option to this thread so another reader might get a good idea!