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    I've done a few things in the last year that I just had to do. The first was retiring from the City of Pittsburgh DPS after 34 years service in June last year. You just know when it's time. Being I am not the type to sit around on my duff much, and we are making a concerted effort to get out of debt very soon and have even taken drastic action to that end, I got hired doing community corrections within the private sector. That's the newest trend in corrections. Contracting private companies to do it rather than expanding old or building new facilities. Turned out that the company sold me a bill of goods when I signed up. They talked hiring me to do training, but didn't. The management sucks real bad and as with way too many employers, they have absolutely no regard for the employees. I've been stuck on graveyard for the last 9 months and despite repeated requests to change shifts, nothing. The last conversation I had with a supervisor regarding my last written shift change request was one of me being professionally demeaned despite my good ratings in my file. That pretty much cinched my mind to leave ASAP. So, I've been looking and finally this virtually fell into my lap. I got hired by Auto Zone as a manager, lower level, at the closest store to my residence. I've been a gearhead all of my life and know retail, so it's a good fit. I have over 25 years of management experience from the City job and this counted. I start June 5th. So, I turn in my notice tonight. Between this and my FFL, it should all be good now. Cars and guns. The best of both worlds. :D
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    Great move and the best of luck to you!

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    Wish u all the luck with your future endevaor.

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