New Jersey State Police Seeking to Enact Further Firearms Restrictions by Regulation

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by opaww, Aug 7, 2007.

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    Monday, August 06, 2007

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    The New Jersey State Police recently issued new rule proposals for the regulation of firearms, magazines, and retailers in the Garden State. If approved, these regulations will have the rule of law without ever being debated by our legislators in Trenton, turning thousands of unsuspecting citizens into felons!

    The proposal would do the following: It would require law-abiding gun owners to surrender or pay to render their “large capacity” magazines permanently blocked. Possession of a temporarily blocked “large capacity” magazine would be a crime. Certain semi-automatic shotguns and handguns would be classified as “assault firearms” because of cosmetic features, which have not been named in any statute enacted by the New Jersey Legislature. Another proposal seeks to harass lawful owners and retailers of “assault firearms” by requiring that licensed dealers who accept an “assault firearm” and/or machine gun from a citizen for transfer, resale, or repair must notify the Superintendent of the State Police within 48 hours. Also, all firearms sold by retailers would be mandated to be secured by steel cable. Finally, the proposal forces those placing handguns on consignment to produce a new permit to retake possession of the handgun
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    If that doesn't get your blood boiling, nothing will.

    Unfortunately, this kind of stuff happens too frequently in NJ and NY.

  3. FALPhil

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    Vote with your feet.

    New Jersey is one of the most freedom-unfriendly states in North America. Furthermore, after the US Congress passed the Firearm Owners' Protection Act, New Jersey "law enforcement" agencies continued to arrest US citizens protected under FOPA, even though they continually had the cases thrown out of court.

    Leave. Let them stew in their own juices as they are reduced to a slobbering mob of nanny state fascists.
  4. allmons

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    FALPhil is exactly right!

    GET OUT! Look, you can move to any other State and be much happier. For example, Tennessee has no income tax, relatively low energy costs and excellent real estate prices ( as compared to New Jersey ). You can get a Carry Permit with minimal hassle, and the State believes citizens are intelligent human beings who want to decide their own destiny.

    These Northern and West Coast so******t states can only exist by sucking the very life out of you, as well as your tax dollars. To hell with them. Vote with your feet. If enough intelligent people do so, the remainder will eventually perish of their own stupidity.

    Errr... just do us one favor; if you do move South, PLEASE don't tell us how it was done "up North".

  5. bkt

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    In other words, tuck tail and run away?

    The idea that states will implode if all the taxpayers leave and the states are left with no one to pay the bills is nonsense. These states will just ask the Feds for a bail-out, and they'll probably get it. And the folks in Tennessee and elsewhere can expect higher federal taxes to keep those in NY and NJ afloat.

    The cancer of socia1ism will spread unless we actively work to stop it. New York and New Jersey weren't nanny state socia1ist fascists...until one day they were.
  6. Taxpayer

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    The fascist thugs can only be made to understand by resisting them. I don't think most people are ready to go there yet.
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    That's why they want to take your guns, so you can't resist.
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    I find myself in agreement with FALPhil and others who say "get out". It's all very well to talk about staying and resisting--but why would I stay and fight in a state where (a) the authorities routinely ignore the actual law in efforts to harass gun owners, (b) gun ownership is held in open contempt by public officials, (c) transparent efforts are underway to criminalize legal gun ownership without even a pretense of actual legislative action, and (d) where the majority of the population is apparently either indifferent, or actually hostile, to private gun ownership?

    It's already too late for NJ, and has been for a long time. I remember reading stories about illegal harassment of gun owners by NJ cops--illegal by NJ law, that is--being common and winked at by NJ courts when I was a kid.

    What's left to save? Who's going to stand and fight with you? How are you going to change things from inside a NJ state prison cell?

    Texas has no income tax, either. You can take a 1-day class and have your CHL in 60 days. We LIKE guns here. Yeah, it's hot in the summer and we talk funny. But if you like guns and want to own and carry them without being hassled--what the hell are you doing in the People's Republic of New Jersey?
  9. bkt

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    Relocating to another state only buys me (or my kids) a little time and strengthens the opposition by ceding states to anti-2A fanatics. NJ might be too far gone, but NY isn't.
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    Git!! I did 20 yrs. ago.