New Jersey Senate Race

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    Meet Steve Lonegan and exercise your Second Amendment Rights all in one shot!

    This is your chance to try out some unique firearms while contributing to the Lonegan campaign. A modest registration fee will be charged in addition to your campaign contribution to cover costs.

    On site registrations starts at 9:00AM
    Shooting session starts at 9:30AM
    Steve Lonegan himself will arrive at 10AM and be on site till noon.
    Event will end once everyone has had a chance to shoot the firearms they paid for.

    Here's how it works. Members may register for this event at the member rate of $20. Non-members of NJ2AS may register at the cost of $25.

    EVENT REGISTRATION SPECIAL: Renew your membership or join NJ2AS at the special event rate of $25 and your registration for this event is free! In order to take advantage of this offer, you must arrive at the event and make a donation to the Lonegan campaign. Membership renewals and new member processing will be verified and completed at the event. If you are a current member of NJ2AS and pay the $20 registration fee online, you will need to pay the remaining $5 balance for membership renewal at the event.

    Once you are registered, you can choose from the following options to make a donation to the campaign:

    Shoot 5 rounds from the Barrett M107 .50BMG for $125
    Shoot 20 rounds from the S&W M&P AR15 for $40
    Shoot 5 rounds from the Savage 10P .308 for $40
    Shoot 10 rounds from the Ruger 10/22 .22 for $20

    Shoot the Magnum Research BFR 45-70 revolver! 1 round for $15 or a whole cylinder for $50
    Shoot 5 rounds from the Desert Eagle 50 for $40
    Shoot 14 rounds from the Taurus .357 revolver for $20
    Shoot 20 rounds from the Glock 19 9mm for $20
    Shoot 20 rounds from the Colt 1911-22 .22 for $20

    Special Surprise Rifles!
    We will be offering two "mystery" rifles at a cost of $50 each. You will have to attend the event to find out what they are!

    In order to properly prepare for this event, we ask that you please choose which firearms you wish to shoot in the event registration form. You can pay with cash or check directly to the Lonegan campaign at the event. NJ2AS is not directly accepting payment online for the campaign donations.

    The event is open to all members and non members of NJ2AS. Food will be served, and the NJ2AS shows and merchandise team will be on hand selling NJ2AS shirts and hats. Representatives from the Lonegan Campaign will be on site with yard signs, stickers, and posters too.

    Children age 10 and up are permitted to participate as long as they are accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

    This fundraiser is sponsored by NJ2AS and hosted by Bangers Sport Shop to support the Lonegan campaign.
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    I hope one day NJ sends someone to Washington that actually will support the rights of legal, law abiding gun owners, unlike many of our previous and current representatives.... Hoping Lonegan can pull off what would be a major upset against a candidate that would likely mimic Lautenbergs terrible position on the matter.

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    Lonegan is catching up in the latest polls....I hope he can pull it off....