New info on Breonna Taylor case

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    Being the gf of a drug dealer is not a crime..but certainly comes with some not giving her a pass on that..and she was suspected of participation, but that dog has been called off for fear of more looting and rioting. Full Dad is a retired Sheriffs Deputy, my oldest Brother is a current Sheriffs Deputy, my middle Brother is MP at WPAFB, and i have dated a couple. So maybe i am a little biased..? Most people dont have the sack to be a cop..and most of them are A Type..very annoying But i have the inside track on some scary true stories..these are people that will pull over a car on a dark country road that matches the description of one just used in an armed robbery. Or risk their life pulling somebody they dont know out of a burning car. So if they dont get it exactly right every time..i give them the benefit of the doubt.. They could have to go from kind and compassionate at an accident incredibly violent responding to a break in, or serving a warrant in less than an hour. How many of us can do that...?? Growing Mom was never far from the scanner when Dad was on duty.. she knew what all the call signs meant..and when to be scared..i think that 31yrs was harder on her than him. I respect your opinion..but we are just gonna have to agree to disagree -- Peace.

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    Yep I did all that and a little hairer.

    Most of my closest friends are retired or disabled cops. City ,state and sherrif deputies.

    My daughter was a corrections officer for many years and now works for the justice dept in pre trial.

    I'm not anti cop. I'm anti criminal . And a criminal act is a criminal act be it cop or citizen .
    Benefit of the doubt is one thing. A clear case of negligent homicide exits in the Taylor case. And a clear attempt to kill that in the secret grand jury hearing was attempted . So much so that the jurors themselves petitioned the judge to force Cameron to release the audio.

    Doubt is one thing. There is no doubt in the Taylor case.
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    The more I read about the event, the more I think there is a lot more to the story. I just have the feeling there is some background we aren’t hearing about.

    For some reason, they went off the reservation and were way outside normal procedures.
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    Yep, attacking the messenger Never mind the article is factual just blow it off as "fake news; that's what the Trumpeter does.:p
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    If it came from the NYDN, there's a very strong probability it's fake.
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    Fake news is usually not merely a false statement. It is, for example, propping up a desired fact and “forgetting“ the inconvenient details. The Daily News article cites “information obtained” from an internal investigation. Basically someone’s testimony, leaked through the crevices, and chosen made a story. It actually is classic fake news as we know it: creating an impression of new facts without having them.

    How many times was it “all over” for Trump on the Russia hoax when “incontrovertible evidence” was “finally” “obtained”. The Daily News article if you read it carefully adds nothing to the story of a hapless drug dealer accomplice.

    The internal investigation may well uncover malpractice but the gist of the bigger story is gone, it’s left hollow. Thousands of internal investigations with variable results are conducted in hundreds of PDs across the land.
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    Mayor’s Office Releases Internal Investigation File In Breonna Taylor Case @ WFPL News, 10/7/20.

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    Report shows officer was shot by Breonna Taylor's boyfriend, not by friendly fire @ Courier-Journal News, 10/8/20.

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    No 'left wing response' and no 'personal attacks', just fact, which you totally disregard. You have a nice day!:)
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    Yeah everyone knew Walker hit Mattingly, quite legally.
    Every distraction and smokescreen that can be thrown up has been and is being to deflect attention as much as possible from the fact Cosgrove committed negligent homicide and described under oath exactly how he did it.
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    An detailed summary of the whole incident. Goes back into some of the history leading up to the shooting.


    FTA: "...At 12:30 AM, on the morning of March 13, three officers appeared with a “no knock” warrant at the door of Taylor’s apartment.[17] However, their supervisors told them to knock anyway and announce that they were police, which they later claimed to have done, although Walker, who was also in the apartment, claims not to have heard them.[18] When they got no response from anyone inside the apartment, the officers used a battering ram to break down the door.[19]

    Either roused by the officers’ announcement or by the sound of the breaking door, Taylor and Walker got out of bed and went to the entrance hall. Walker was carrying a weapon that was legally registered.[20] He fired at the intruders in the darkness, hitting Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly in the leg.[21] This triggered a hail of bullets from the officers, six of which hit Taylor, and killed her.[22] Contrary to the Black Lives Matter accusations, social media posts and media reports claiming that Taylor had been shot “in her sleep,” she actually died on the floor of her hallway where she followed her new boyfriend Kenneth Walker.[23]

    If this was a racial killing, why not shoot the boyfriend, who was armed and also black, instead of the unarmed woman? It is more likely that the boyfriend jumped out of the line of fire after pulling the trigger, but Taylor did not.

    Contrary to the cries of the lynch mob seeking to destroy the lives of police officers and a black Attorney General for doing their jobs, Taylor was not killed because she was black. Nor was she innocent in creating the situation that led to her death. The police were at her house because she was an accomplice to a known drug dealer. One can understand how the heart can lead perfectly decent people to be drawn into indecent situations, but Breonna Taylor had serious warnings – the dead body in the car she had rented for her boyfriend should have been sufficient – to cease providing assistance to a dangerous criminal. ,,,"
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    Nope it wasnt racial.
    Yes it was one of many screwed up no knock warrant for no reason police blunders.

    Straight out of the LMPD months.
    The packages she was getting were from Amazon . The postal service told police a month before there was nothing suspicious about them. The suspicious package bs was a lie to help get a warrant. And the officers getting that warrant knew it.
    12 people swore the police did not identify that night with one changing his story months later. The one used in the GJ. That Walker is a free man today puts the definite lie to the yarn they did identify.
    No cash, no drugs. No rifle, no nothing were found at Talors apartment.

    Talking to a drug dealer isnt illegal.
    Visiting one , which Taylor hadn't in a long time isnt.

    But all that is deflection and smoke and mirrors to cover Cosgrove.

    1. They had a no knock. They didnt have to Id . Though getting legally shot can be a consequence of not iding.
    2. They legally fired in SD once fired on .
    Panic and bad judgement as SWAT has publically stated but on the edge of legal.

    None of that has anything to do with squat.
    Walkee fired one round. The keystone boys fired 32 rds in return.
    But let's go along that pray and spray was a good tactic.

    Cosgrove still factually killed a woman , who was not a combatant, and posed no threat to him by mistake while in his own sworn testimony " seeing only deep dark and vivid flashes with no sound, though I'm sure they were me firing".
    He admitted, under oath to committing negligent homicide.

    Theres no racial motive here.
    There was no intent to go kill Taylor or Walker.
    What there is is a raid done against LMPD procedure, bungled by the the officers involved, resulting in Cosgrove negligently killing Taylor .
    It really is that simple.

    All this other stuff being floated is to distract attention from that fact until Cameron can get Cosgrove out of the woods.