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    Here in our area we don't have an indoor range. We hade one several years ago but it was very small and didn't have much so it didn't last. Now we are getting a new state of the art one. I have never been to a range since I left the Army. I own 15 acres of mountain land in the middle of my families 100 acres so I have plenty of places to shoot for free, but I think I will have to go and check it out and take my wife and daughters for maybe some pro training, I think I do well and teach pretty well but a pro will show technicks that may be natural or maybe that I don't have to show.
    Check out the news feed and let me know if this looks like one that may last. tell me how it compares to other ranges since ive never been to one. Also what do you think about some training classes.

    State of the art indoor shooting range coming to the Tri-Cities | TriCities
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    It sounds pretty good to me. :cool: