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Discussion in 'Blackpowder & Musket' started by dgaf333, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. dgaf333

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    just got a pietta model 1858 new army buffalo pistol . have not shot it yet i cant wait any one got any info or tips on this gun it has a brass frame if that helps ? thank you .
  2. orangello

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    Those are some cool looking revolvers! I have the regular remington NMA 1858 replica & enjoy shooting it very much. Only problem i had was figuring out the best size & company caps to use; apparently, the numbering/sizing system doesn't exactly line up across different manufacturers. I use the pre-gooped wonder wads under my lead/over the powder.

    With the brass frame, i bleve you want to shoot lighter powder loads for long frame life.

  3. KAB

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    Welcome , and I would stear clear of Tripple 777 in the brassers unless light loads are being used , Pyrodreck is fine , 3fff Holy Black Powder is better , and you can also use 2ff Holy Black for even less worry in a brass frame .
    Keep your loads in the 20's not 30's ! Grains that is .
    It will take .454 round Ball . It will take number 10 caps , or pinch your 11's to keep um snug on the nipples .
    I use grease over my balls not wads . You can use wads if you want .
    Be safe , have fun , and pictures are mandatory , or it didn't happen ! :D