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  1. Shade

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    Hey just kinda tossing out some random thoughts, any input/experiences
    are welcome.

    I have never carried a sidearm in civilian life. Only a little open carry while in
    the Navy. And that was 20+ years ago. So I am still getting used to the idea,
    and I am super conscience of it. But I have been carry also every time I go
    out of the house and even in the house and shop to get used to it. Last night
    was one exception as we were going to my son's HS Wrestling Banquet, but I
    did have the gun in the car, which is legal in IL. I guess with time it will
    become more natural, but I don't think I want it to be thoughtless either.

    I have yet to see a "no guns allowed sign" in any business that I frequent here
    in the Kankakee area and very few up in the south suburbs of Shicago; where
    my employer's plant is located. My guess is that many businesses who might
    prohibit CC do not know what the legally required signage is. I am not telling
    them, they have to find out for themselves. How often are you asked to leave
    if perchance a business sees you are CC and they do not like it. I will be polite
    and leave.

    On a side note I really like Buffalo Wild Wings, I know they are anti-gun, hell
    we all have our weaknesses, but I have yet to see the legally required signs
    on any store here in IL, so I can carry in there until they post it properly, I
    think I might do that soon. Just to have a bit of fun. If I do my concealed
    part correctly they will never know. I have heard stories that they have even
    asked on-duty police officers to leave, dunno if that is true or not.

    I am making an effort to carry most of the time unless I know I am going into
    a prohibited area; then I am still bringing the gun, in my vehicle as per the
    law. Prior to receiving my license, I would carry an unloaded gun in my car
    per the law.

    Any good ideas on under dash holsters for my car or truck, 2011Explorer and
    2000 F-350?


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  2. winds-of-change

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    I can't imagine any establishment asking a uniformed police officer to leave because of their gun. I doubt that's happened.

    The Clinic I take my Dad to for his health issues does have a "No guns" sign on their front door. But it's pretty small and it might be easily overlooked. LOL

    I know someone who conceal carried here into a restaurant and a grocery store. Who would ever know there was a gun on that person if it is concealed properly?

  3. Shade

    Shade New Member

    It would be kinda stupid, but with today's lemmings you never know... :rolleyes:

    430 ILCS 66/ is very explicit on what signage needs to be displayed.
    If they do not have the exact sign they are not in compliance.

    Now if I see the proper sign on the door I will leave my gun in the car.
    However, I was at a BWW up in Naperville, meeting a business associate.
    They had a notice off to the side of the main entrance in frosted glass that no
    guns were allowed on site. However is was only 2.5 to 3.5 feet off the ground
    and hard to read I actually has to get down and close to read it. They did not
    have the legally required signage posted.

    You are right if properly concealed, no one should know.
  4. grandpubba

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    Shade, i didn't read the link.

    Find out what the consequence for breaking the law is. Meaning they have the legal sign up, what charges would be brought against you for failing to comply.

    I often carry in BWW, they have to ask me to leave or leave the firearm in the car. If i fail to do so, it's a 25.00 fine and petty or misdemeanor.

    Clearly a different story for schools/gov buildings and such.
  5. Shade

    Shade New Member

    I was not a link it was the sign that the ISP requires to be posted, in an
    unaltered state.

    Here is the law concerning signage.
    Now if someone sees that I am carrying (IL law states the firearm must be
    "concealed or mostly concealed") and asks me to leave I will do so with the
    upmost politeness. Printing and accidental showing are okay under IL law.

    Our CC law does have a few redeeming parts. Also that LEO need to ask for
    you CCL etc. You are not required to disclose, unless asked.
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  6. grandpubba

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  7. TekGreg

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    Very important legal points being made here! Things to look for:

    1. The sign is posted conspicuously. If you have to hunt for it, it's not following the law.

    2. It must be of appropriate size. Even if it's right in front of your face, you don't have to recognize it if it is too small by law.

    3. It must be of a wording approved by the municipality. If the owner gets out his crayons and puts up his own version of the "GunBuster" logo, it's not legal if it isn't approved and have all the wording that the state requires.

    As law-abiding citizens, we must also hold those who would restrict our freedoms to the same scrutiny by which we govern ourselves. Not letting signs which do not follow local ordnance guide our actions is just another form of civil disobedience.

    A mall I frequent has two gunbuster signs that are 3" square about six inches off of the ground, one all the way to the left of a bank of eight entry doors and one all the way to the right. No anchor store has any warning on their doors in the same mall. You can't even identify the type of sign from a standing position! Were I ever to get in trouble for carry, I already have my defense ready to go to prove the mall's non-compliance under state law.

    I always carry, and I do not disarm for any discretionary business that does not properly, and legally, post it's intentions. My state law says the owner or manager must request I leave the premises before I can be considered trespassing, so even if I get caught, all I have to do is peacefully remove myself to still be in compliance of the law. Know your state laws and what the procedure is for LEOs if you are spotted.
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  8. bigjim

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    Only sign I have seen was at Elmhurst Hospital's entrance. Not sure if it complied with the law.

  9. Shade

    Shade New Member

    All Hospitals are prohibited by law, they do not require signage as such.
  10. JolietGunner

    JolietGunner New Member

    The only sign I saw was at the DMV in Joliet.
  11. Shade

    Shade New Member

    Good to hear there are not a lot of signs just got home from running a number
    of errands looked hard did not see a single sign, every business I stopped at I
    had the discussion of will you allow CC in your business I got all yeses.

    DMV is a government building and is prohibited by the law, but having the
    sign is a nice reminder.

    PSYCHOFREAK3 New Member

    I have seen a handful of signs in the Rockford area, however one two or three have been correct. There is one at a gas station that I only frequented because it was between two of my offices at work, it's the appropriate sign however it's printed on a standard 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. I saw another at a movie theater in Machesney Park a couple weeks ago that had a revolver with the red circle and slash through it. As far as I know and by what you posted it has the be the approved sign by the ISP.