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Discussion in 'Firearm Accessories & Gear' started by stag1, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. stag1

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    I pulled the plug on a El Paso 1942 Tanker Holster for my Kimber, thought it would be perfect for times out in the woods and on the ATV.

    Anybody else using or have used a tanker holster?

    I did some research and El Paso Saddlery got high marks for quality stuff, so I thought what the heck. Should get it in about 6 weeks. Only thing I need, is to look for is a spare mag holder that will work on it.

    1942 "Tanker" Holster - 3" to 5" Barrels
  2. Dillinger

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    You know, I have seen that holster in 100 movies but NEVER knew what the hell it was. :eek:

    No. It's not anything I would consider for me personally, but I do believe it's a solid design, with solid retention, for a pistol of your choice.


  3. stag1

    stag1 New Member

    They say they are really comfortable and keep the gun out of the way when riding/sitting and going thru woods and brush. Kind of what I was wanting it for.

    I will report back on how I like it once I get it. I also love the nostalgia of it too :)
  4. freefall

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    Bought my daughter (The Lovely Miss Freefall) an Alaskan Guide chest holster by Diamond D Leather, a very similar rig, to go to Anvik to a fish counting station for the summer. $130 at Chimo Guns in Wasilla, not the cheapest venue. I was making her one of my classic Jackass Ripoffs, but made it too tight and ran out of time to make a new one. Hated spending the $130, but it is a nice quality item and now I'll have one of these to bastardize.:p
  5. Glasshartt

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    Got one from Cheaper than Dirt, $29.99. Seems well made and good leather.

    Manufacturer: Military LEG195
    Item: LEG-195

    Leather US M7 Holster for Autos and Revolvers Classic Military Style used by the Air Force, tankers or anyone in the service that could get their hands on one, fits 1911 and other large frame autos, medium frame double action revolvers and large frame single action revolvers with barrels up to 5.5" complete leather shoulder rig with mounting straps and tie down, embossed US repro in tan leather, right hand, exact in all details, new current production. Color and style of buckles, snaps and D-rings may vary.

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