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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by SIGe-nox, Jun 10, 2009.

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    Hey all i am new to this site and i normally used to just come here and read up on the posts people would put up while i was bored at work. I have been shooting since i could even hold a gun and now own a very nice p226 equinox (without rail.) I just wanted to see what others got out there and what they have to say about SIG pistols, more interested in the .357SIG round, which i carry every day with 125grn Gold Dot HP's. I look forward to the feedback from this great community!:D:D:D
  2. oldandslow

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    sn, 6/11/09

    I have a number of Sig pistols, the P-245, 220ST, 239 and 228. Mine are all older models without the rails. The 245 is one of the best carry pistols out there- light, accurate and reliable. It is 6+1 of .45 and takes 8 round Sig 220 mags as well. The 239 is also a great pistol, but a little large for the number of rounds it holds (8 in 9mm). The 220ST is a great home or range gun, but too heavy to carry. The 228 is thought by many to be the best 9mm pistol Sig has made but it is a little too fat in the grip for me (I prefer the SW 6906 in a double stack 9mm for carry).

    So in summary, they are generally great guns. I am not impressed with the latest offerings from Sig however. I am not fond of rails, the prices are steep and they were shipping with only one mag until recently when they switched back to two mags. The trigger reset can be a little long unless you have the SRT (short reset trigger) installed.

    So mostly good, some bad in my opinion. Still hard to go wrong with a Sig.

    best wishes- oldandslow

  3. Bigcat_hunter

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    I just got back testing a Sig mosquito. I was impressed. Its smaller than a standard sig but not as small as a Walther P22 so it fits my hand well. Just dumped 300 rounds through it with no problems at all. Very accurate. Now I have to do some testing of its big brothers.
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    Yeah, I was impressed by my Mosquito as well. I actually dumped my P22 so I could buy the Mosquito. Yes, it is very accurate and mine has not hiccupped in over 1000+ rounds. I recently purchased a sig pro 2022 and it has become my favorite gun. I have a SA 1911A1, a CZ 75B and a Star Model B in 9MM and of all those, my sig pro is definately the most fun to shoot. It is, for the price, IMHO, one of the more excellent pistols to be found.