New Guy here... Saiga 12 questions

Discussion in 'Minnesota Gun Forum' started by oldcoplarry, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. oldcoplarry

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    I am now looking for a Saiga 12. I want the NIB that I want to convert.

    I've been watching videos and conversion discussions, and wonder about all the goodies to mount on it. I'll probably visit often to get hints for the conversion. I know I need a trigger group to move the factory trigger forward. I learned that everyone is using the G2 trigger group, then grinding off the humps. The gas port needs the holes drilled out on many of the guns, and the gas plug is not adequate for light loads.

    Any other things I should know before the break down (I know there's a lot, but get me started)??? Anyone here in Northern MN that could "assist" me when I have questions or hit some roadblocks?

    BTW: I'm a total newbie with shotguns, so don't "over tech" me.

  2. MisterMcCool

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    They are prone to cycling issues with low brass ammunition. You should try another gas plug (auto plug) before drilling the ports. You don't want to over gas the receiver. Consider having the bolt jeweled (Pauly's Steelin'.)

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