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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by aussierogue, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. aussierogue

    aussierogue New Member

    I put a layaway on a new Taurus 24/7 Pro DS ( OK make fun ) It fits great in my hand and when I get it I'll up a range report :D
  2. junho806

    junho806 New Member

    nothing wrong with that piece
    congrats on your new acquisition
    look forward to the range report

  3. user4

    user4 New Member

    Getting a new gun is always exciting. Does anyone else just get the urge to shoot something, right away?
  4. greenjeans

    greenjeans New Member

    Never going to make fun of someone getting a new gun, regardless of what it is. Hope you enjoy it.
  5. dnthmn2004

    dnthmn2004 New Member

    My urge to field strip then assemble it until I know it like firearms I've had for years is stronger. I enjoy being fluent with any firearm I'm going to use, mostly because I won't look like another idiot with a gun, and for the safety of me and fellow shooters.
  6. bizy

    bizy New Member

    I have many Tauruses...

    A taurus Judge is no laughing matter. I have a taurus 357 and a few others. I have other manufactures also, Kel Tek, North American Arms, bla bla bla..

    If it puts lead on target it is a great gun no matter who makes it...
  7. Wild Irish

    Wild Irish New Member

    I have three Tauruses, a .38 snubbie, a PT 145, and a 24/7 OSS in .45. All three have been great, trouble free guns.
  8. hemiram

    hemiram Member

    Congrats on your new toy!

    I was very close to buying a 24/7 Pro full size, not the long slide, there was one in the case at one of the gun stores that I liked, and a friend has one, and it's been great, and feels really good in my hand. There was a used one on one of the auction sites, and I put a bid on it, and lost. That was ok, because it went for more than a new one did! Instead, I got one of the guns I always wanted, a Beretta 92FS, with 4 mags. Gun is in great shape and all four mags seem to work perfectly. Then, I shot my friend's 24/7 again, and started thinking about it, but along came an Astra A-75 in 9mm, and I grabbed it up, and then a Dan Wesson 44 mag came along, a gun I've wanted for over 25 years, and I put a lowish bid in on it, and won! I'm done buying for a while, money is gone!!

    I normally don't like plastic guns, but one of these days...
  9. Ctholl53

    Ctholl53 Guest

    yeah i like to take apart my guns and clean them i think it is fun
  10. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    I learned a LONG time ago to NEVER pick on another man's choice of things-including guns. I remember 1 of my very 1st deer hunts, if not the 1st itself. An old man had an equally old rifle that actually had tape holding the stock together, a front site obviously made from an nail, and other indications it had seen better days. On top of that-it was ONLY an single shot! I'll readily admit giving him a hard time about it, not even catching the funny looks projecting from everybody else at the time. Well, it turned out that old man was a marksman of sorts, and had racked up a very impressive 100% 1 shot kill ratio on every deer he shot at with that old "junk" rifle. As for myself with the newest super whizbang scoped deer zapper, I missed both of my 2 shots attempted on that hunt. I later had the privilege of watching that old man shoot. THAT'S when It slowly started dawning on me that the shooter skill superceded equipment. Sorry for the rant but it brought back memories.

    As to Taurus, I currently own 3, an titaninum .44 snubby, an millenium pro .45acp, and an PT1911 .45acp. All three shoot perfect,without the 1st malfunction of any kind. Taurus has came a LONG way from the design/quality they used to suffer, to today's top quality-able to compete with pricier brands. Bottom line,if it works, and works very well, don't worry about what other people say. I WILL say this, when dealing with out of the "mainstream" brands such as Taurus, beware of oddball sized/spec parts such as sites, as they WILL NOT interchange even on the Taurus version of 1911. You would expect total interchangability on something like 1911. For more detail on my issues with Taurus 1911, look at my post on 1 reason to not buy taurus.
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