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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by shooter2440, May 27, 2010.

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    hello all, i just purchased a sig 229 SAS two tone in 9mm yesterday. I shot it in the back yard today and put 100 rounds through it. it shoots amazing and i couldnt be happier with my purchase. my question now is regarding holsters. ive been looking at galco and don hume holsters because i have not heard news... good or bad regarding the wear factor of throwing my sig in a kydex paddle holster for OWB carry. i am curious on everyones suggestion on if there are any particular holsters i should take a look at. im looking for an IWB holster as well as an OWB holster. my IWB holster id prefer to be leather just to reduce rubbing on my skin. so im looking forward to hearing everyones input!
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    Holsters are like rabbits. They seem to multiply. You'll eventually end up with several. (at least) I personally prefer leather over the synthetics. But then again, I'm kind of old as well as traditional. ;)
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    If you don't want skin contacting the gun, the Crossbreed (linked by Cane) is king. Or you could just wear an undershirt. =P
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    How about some pics man?!?!? i've got to go with the supertuck as well. I can wear mine all day long in comfort. I can be driving, sitting, walking or a combination of without a problem.
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    From a speed standpoint, you can't beat the plastic holsters. I lean towards the Blade-Tech brand when I go plastic. There are cheaper lines out there, but an $800 gun deserves a quality holster.
    All that said, I like leather or horse hide best. In an OWB your belt will better pull the gun into your side and conform to you. That makes it easier to conceal the gun. Draw speed will be a tad slower, but the concealability is greater.