New gun purchasing opportunity need help!

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    So my dad has a friend that bought this .22lr and no longer wants it. says it out of the box brand new and ready to go for $600. Im a little apprehensive because i know i could get a M&P for that price or maybe even a colt. I have not seen this brand and I have been online a lot lately looking into nice tactical .22lr. So my questions:
    Does anybody now this brand of rifles? Anyone own one? Any thoughts or anything will help please and thank you

    Here is the link-
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    I don't have any personal experiences with CMMG but i do know they are one of the well known brands in .22lr industry. I believe they are in AR15 too.
    For $600 you might as well add a little more for a real AR15. PSA has a deal on their complete rifle for $799 which i was tempted.
    Ok back to the .22lr topic. I'd suggest you get the S&W M&P 15-22. It is so much fun to shoot and you won't regret it. I just bought one from Primary Arms 2-3 weeks ago when it was on special. Bought it for $450 shipped with 10 free Pmags. Sold all 10 Pmags for $100 on backpage on the same day i picked them up on my LGS. So basically i got it for $350.
    $600 for .22lr rifle, not worty IMO.

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    $600 and .22lr should never bein the same category. :)...unless you are buying a antique gun for collecting. Save your money and tell him to put it back in the box. There are so many great .22lr's out there for so much less.
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    I also agree with the above 3 posts. If it were me, for that price, I'd throw in a little more and get the real AR. If I had to have one in 22, I'd go with the M&P, or one of the others, they're very nice, too, for like $200 less.

    What about some of those nice bolt action varmint guns? I am considering a CZ 453 Varmint in 17 HMR, about that price.......
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    Don't over look the Savage .17HMR. They make a very nice gun with a bull barrel for about 1/2 that money. Put on a Sweet 17 scope and if you can't drill a dime at a 100 yards, you can't blame the gun.:cool: