New Gun law as of 1 Jan 2014 in California to collect more data

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    Wanted to let you folks now of a new gun law in Commiefornia.

    This was posted on the site

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Neither Matt Dittmer nor the people he shoots with are happy about a new law that will preserve information about their gun purchases in a California state database. But he is resigned to it.

    “I don’t like it, but I’m living in a state where I don’t have a choice,” Dittmer said as he stopped by Auburn Outdoor Sports on a recent afternoon to buy a sleek black AR rifle.

    Starting on Jan. 1, 2014, the California Department of Justice will retain information on long-gun purchases, data they had formerly been compelled to destroy within five days. Dealers will need to register purchases with the state.

    Dittmer said it wouldn’t influence the types of firearms he chooses to purchase, despite his view that the measure is symptomatic of California’s increasingly constricting gun restraints.

    “It won’t affect me personally,” Dittmer said, “because I do abide by all the laws.”

    While Dittmer said his shooting range compatriots are anticipating the law, it was the first that Nancy Stewart, who stopped in to the Auburn, Calif. store, had heard of it. Stewart said the measure wouldn’t deter her from buying a gun. But it did give her pause.

    “You wonder, what does this information mean?” said Stewart, a 55-year-old paralegal. “My ultimate concern is if someone knocks on my door and says you’ve got three guns, we need two of them.”

    Other reactions among gun advocates range from bewildered to disturbed.

    “This is the one that sends the tremor, that reaches every owner in the state,” said Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California. “It is the one that scares us the most.”