New gun for my B-day WOOHOO

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    Lol I am turning 21 march 15th and my girlfriend told me she will pay for half of a assault rifle for me (shes the best!) So I want to keep the price down for her so I am thinking either a sks or a Saiga 7.62x39. I would rather get the saiga. I am wondering as far as shooting and reliability which is the better out of the 2? I dont want to get stroked on the saiga so what should I pay and not feel like I got bent over lol. Thanks guys! Also thisd old timer has saiga 223 for 500 bottom dollar but I am pretty sure I could get it for 450 or 475.... Or if anyone on here got one for sale let me know
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    First off, need a Class 3 license for an Assault Rifle.

    Assault rifles are full-auto and regulated heavily in the US.

    What you are REALLY describing in the SAIGA is a semi-automatic Para-military rifle. Also known as an SUR (Semi-auto Utility Rifle). Learn the difference.

    Let not the words "Assault Rifle" pass your lips unless you are speaking of a fully automatic weapon.

    Let not the words Old-Timer pass your lips unless you wish to find out why old people survive long enough to become grouchy. :D

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    A better term would be, "Sports Utility Rifle." :D