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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by asupermana, May 11, 2009.

  1. asupermana

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    Hey all,

    I just moved to NC from CA. I've taken my first trip to the gun range, and I am going to get a CCH license. However, I am in need of a gun and I've always liked Glocks, so I am leaning toward either a Glock 19 or a Glock 23. I just am not sure about whether I want a .40 S&W or a 9mm. I think I like the 9mm, because while the .40 may prove to be helpful in self-defense, I will be using the gun at the range more often and I want to save those extra bucks from buying 9mm boxes of ammo. Any suggestions?

    Also, is there anything I should know about conceal carry options? I often wear looser clothing, but I guess I'll have to wear more jackets. Plus, do you think it'd be okay to have no rounds in the chamber for CCH? I'd rather rack it before use than have an ND, even if I were "the only one in the room who's professional enough to use a Glock .40" Thanks!
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    well if its gonna be for range use only, i would suggest a .22 handgun.

    as far as .40 vs 9mm for protection it what you feel more comfy shooting. i'v been hangin around the range and firing diffrent guns for the past your years. i found alot of people around here ( the area i live in ) stick with either 9mm or .45 acp. everyone i'v talked to about it says that .40 recoil just turns them off and they go with 45. i myself i like .40. all in all its not the size of the bullet, its shot placement. good luck in your hunt.

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    Well, after my law school finals are done, I plan on going back and trying the Glock 23. I didn't have a problem with the Glock 19's recoil at all, and the guy at the range said that the .40 is not all that different. I like the ubiquity of the 9mm round, so I'm leaning more toward the 19, but people have been giving such high praise for the .40 that I feel like I should at least give that one a try. Is it strange that I don't like the look of hammers? I just have to get a striker-fired gun like an XD or Glock. I know that much.
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    Well, will pass up the chance to make cutting remarks about "Tupperware" :rolleyes: and you could make worse choices than 9mm OR 40 cal.

    To be real direct- for a defensive arm- when you need it, you will be likely to need it bad- and RIGHT NOW. Having to draw, rack the slide, hope a round fed properly, and slide is fully in battery, etc- is not a confidence-inspiring thought- especially if the world around you is turning to ca-ca.

    Most of my CCW is a revolver (my motto- Wheelgun- when it absolutely, positively has to go BANG the first time) However, I DO carry an auto on occasion- Round chambered, cocked, safety on) Design of the Glock is intended to be carried safely with round chambered.

    Yes, recoil on the 40s is snappy- there's that pesky action/reaction thingy. Ammo price and AVAILABILITY is a point to consider if you plan to shoot this one (and IMHO, any CCW gun SHOULD be shot- a lot) If you are looking at reloading, I would personally shy away from the 40- rather tight range of loads- gotta have enuff UMPH to make it cycle, but it is getting close to max, etc) 9mm has some more leeway on load data.

    Really, it comes down to what you like, and what you shoot well. That's why Breyers makes 31 flavors. DO see if there is a range around that RENTS handguns for use at the range- try some of each, see what floats your boat.

    And while you are at it, drop $150-200, and get a USED Ruger Mk 1 or Mk 2, 22 auto. Great little target pistol, 22 ammo is still a bargain- and you will shoot more. (and after putting 200 rds of 22 LR down range, my hand does not hurt) And the more you shoot (anything) the better you tend to be.
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    Check out Personal defense and hand gun safety center in Raleigh NC ( They rent a variety of pistols. Good luck.
  6. Mark F

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    Don't like hammers? That eliminates the best autoloaders ever made! And for what... a tupperware pistol? I would highly recommend you go try out some 1911's, or CZ's then decide.
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    I would seriously look at the XD's over the glocks, just my $.02.

    Welcome to NC, where are you in the state?
  8. asupermana

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    I'm over in the Triangle area.
  9. asupermana

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    Well, I tried a Kimber .45 and a Glock 23 (.40 S&W). I do not like the kick on the 23. I can't sight in the second shot very well. Also, I limp-wristed one. I had no such issues with the .45, which felt nice. I wondered whether the safety switches off a little too easily. Right now, I'm gonna go with a Glock 19, unless someone talks me into a .45.
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    You wonder if the safety switches off too easy on the Kimber but are considering a glock with no safety??

    Where has common sense gone?

    Do you know why the 45 "felt nice"?

    Because it was designed by a man to be used by a man.

    Not designed by a computer to be sold!

    95% + of today's shooters know the feel but don't know why.

    Look at the graphic below and join the 5%.

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    If you can make it to Burlington to Handgunner's one of us can give you some thoughts. You can rent several handguns for $8 a piece to decide what feels right to you.