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Discussion in 'Missouri Gun Forum' started by Nighthawk63, Oct 19, 2012.

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    I will be in Leeton Missouri Sunday early morning until Monday morning. I will be staying all night and I am going to start putting things into action so that people in my family, friends, Comrade in arms, and people who will need help will have a place to come to for protection and support. Anyone who wishes to join me call me on my cell phone. 816 807 5461. I am going to be going down every weekend from now on getting prepared for whatever happens in America. I know there are other ex military and survivalist who will be willing to come and join with me. THe invitation is open to all in this group that live near where I will be. Thanks
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    I'll keep ya in mind if things start to "GLOW"(if you know what I mean). Right now, I sit between my Sis/BIL and Mom, with everyone within 300yds of each other, and we need to protect the Farm and Livestock, so between us 3, we have our own little protective arsenal for this area to keep out any "Un-Dead". Mayan's were a very advanced Culture, but they're ALL EXTINCT---so who's really to say what happens---I say NOTHIN' but April Fool's in December, because they ran out of rock to write on.