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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by stone2, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. stone2

    stone2 New Member

    Looking to buy a glock what is the best 45 cal to buy i no nothing about glocks
  2. Shihan

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    you want the Best .45 get a 1911. If you are dead set on Glock, I would suggest a G30. If you know nothing about Glocks, what is your reasoning for wanting to get a Glock? What do you plan on using it for? HD, CCW, Range Plinker? Little more info and you can get better answers.
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  3. Gojubrian

    Gojubrian New Member

    Home defense? Carry?

    Unless you are dead set on getting a glock I would look into the XD45's. They are much better in my opinion.
  4. Jpyle

    Jpyle New Member

    Ditto to the above. Unless you are already set on a Glock try out a few alternatives. XD45 is a great gun, more natural feel than a Glock in my opinion. 1911 is also a great option if polymer and high capacity (10+) are not requirements.
  5. utf59

    utf59 New Member

    To get real help, it would help to know why you specify a Glock, why you specify .45, and what your previous shooting experience is. For that matter, we are assuming you mean .45 ACP and not .45 GAP.

    But to get you started, here's a brief rundown of Glock .45 ACP models.

    G21 — full size. 4.6" barrel, 13-round capacity, full-size grip.
    G30 — subcompact. 3.8" barrel, 10-round capacity, short grip (magazine extension becomes part of the grip for most people).
    G36 — subcompazt. 3.8" barrel, 6-round capacity, short grip (the G36 is a single-stack version of the G30.​

    I love Glocks. My EDC is a G30. Having said that, look around. Glocks are great for me, but that doesn't mean they will be for you. And the same can be said of the .45.
  6. Bigguns911

    Bigguns911 New Member

    I would got with the Glock 21SF, I have a full size and man is it big. I have big hands and I had a hard time getting accustom to it. The larger/longer slide it better for accuracy and if you do not intend on carrying it other then at home it would work great. I like Glock but like they most on hear would tell you a 1911 kicks it's butt;). But Glock is great for the price.
  7. spittinfire

    spittinfire New Member Supporter

    Are you absolutely set on have a glock? There are a number of better weapons out there, IMO. Almost any 1911, XD, even an M&P.
  8. glock2740

    glock2740 New Member

    Good answer. I have the G30 and like it alot. But real .45's are 1911's. :)
  9. Bighead

    Bighead New Member

    With the limited information you provided, I would recommend a Glock 30SF.

    Midsize firearm with 10 round capacity & reduced grip frame.
  10. MrGlock45

    MrGlock45 New Member

    I am relatively new on here, but not new to CCW or to guns. I've been carrying for going on 38 yrs. now, and I always carry a 45.
    I know that most on here believe the 1911 format is the best there is, and for the most part they are right. There is nothing like a smooth SA trigger, a clean breaking shot, and if you have good sights and a fairly tight 1911, very accurate. They are slim and fairly easy to learn to shoot well for most people. I"ve owned and carried some type of 1911 mostly Colt for nearly 35 yrs.
    Now for the Glock. I have owned a G21SF, and with my small hands it was still a tad too large for me. It was very soft shooting even with +P rounds, and very combat accurate right out of the box. No external safeties to worry about, simply draw, aim and fire. It always goes bang, every time!
    I have 3 of the G30SF's, same as the G21SF only fits my hand better, even more accurate for me than the G21. 11 rounds of 45ACP are very comforting and you can carry and use the 13 rd. G21 mags in your G30/G30SF.
    I also have a G37 and 2 G38's (45GAP). Same or a bit better ballistics than std. 45ACP, but in a G17/G19 size format (with a fatter slide.) These are also excellent, accurate and soft shooting handguns.
    Why Glock? Reliability from the very first round fired. Very little maintenance required, although I do field strip and clean them after every range trip. Fire every single factory round without a bobble.
    For me the G30SF and the GAP models fill my hand properly and absorb the 45ACP/45GAP recoil very well, making for quick follow up shots.
    If you have the opportunity to fire the G30/G38, do yourself a favor and try them, they both carry very well.
    Good luck and always stay safe. :cool: