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    I just bought my first polymer pistol. I have not been a fan of 'plastic' pistols before. However, due to physical disability, I had started looking at dao or striker pistols. I had a Beretta 40 cal., but the da/sa action was becoming to difficult on first shot( da) . I looked at several diffetent brands/models. Springfield xdm;Smith and Wesson M&P; Sig 250; and Glock 22,23,26etc. I did research and handled all of the above. I finally decided on a Glock 23, gen4. I chose the Glock because I liked the way it felt in my hand; Glock reputatipn of reliability; Sig was a liitle more expensive; Smith was a little heavier;;and Springfield was issuing a recall.(though not on the xdm's). I chose the gen 4 because of the extra mag, and modidied mag release. First day I got it I took it to the range. I gathered up all the different types and brands of ammo I had and shot some of each of it. Fmj's; hp's frangible, brass and aluminum cased. I had no problems with any of it! And man, the 23 was so accurate ! I loved shooting it. I put about 150 rds through it that day., and the next day webt to an outdoor range and put another couple hundred rounds through it! I am sold. Say what you want, but I am so glad I got the Glock. Biggest problem I have now with it, I want to shoot it all the time!
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    I bought a Glock 23 a couple weeks ago. It's probably a hand size thing, but I wasn't anywhere near as comfortable shooting the G23 as I am with my G27. You would expect just the opposite, but in my case that wasn't true. Maybe it's just a matter of growing accustomed to it. It shoots well, it's right at aim point, and it seems to feed anything I put in it. I just had to keep adjusting my grip, which is something I don't have to do with the 27. On the other hand, my daughter loves the 23 and won't shoot the 27. Whoever ends up with it, I have no doubt we'll be keeping it. I'm just amazed at my experiences with it.

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    I bought a new G23Gen4 a couple years ago and have nothing bad to say about it. Great pistol. But watch out, you may do what I did and get the G22 and G27 (both used so not Gen4). ... Then a G23 40-9mm conversion barrel, which also works in the G27.

    It's just the beginning when you buy a new gun/caliber you like!


    Like Doc says, the grip on all three above is different and you'll no doubt find one fits better than the others. For me it's the G23, then G22.
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    Have you tried the two spare back straps for it? I have smaller hands but use the largest back strap on my G23gen4 because I like where it puts my finger on the trigger as opposed to the small where I feel my finger is too far into the guard; it put the trigger in the crease of my finger. I hear the newest gen4s are coming with beaver tail back straps as well.
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    Proud owner of a Glock 21SF and love it. Congrats and welcome to the club.
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    Just picked up a gen3 Glock 30. I have bigger hands and it fits me well.
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    Glocks are good pistols are fun to shoot but don't get hooked on the kool-aide.