New Glock Issue. Need Help!

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by muzzyman328, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. muzzyman328

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    I got a brand new glock 19 gen 4 on Thursday and took it to the range for the first time today. I was getting great groups, however the groups were all about six inches to the left of my aim point. I tried a different grip and sight picture. Same thing. I got my SIG out to see if it was me. It was not. I was hitting dead center. I let my buddy shoot the glock to see if he had the same issue. great groups, six inches to the left of his aim point.

    Can the Glock gurus tell me what is going on?

    BTW I have never had that issue with my glock 22.
  2. Dizzll

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    It is Very common for new Glock shooters to hit down and left. In other forums and shooters I have heard it being related to thetrigger on the Glock (which ironically I prefer). It indicates that the trigger is being unevenly pulled. It is easily corrected by becoming more comfortable with the break point. Look at this shooting chart for reference and keep practicing. You're not alone!

  3. Jagermeister

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    This is the most common problem I have seen with newbies & first time Glock owners. This includes LEOs. I had the same problem myself when I was a newbie a long time ago. I even had brass in the face every once and awhile. I sold my Glock 17 and bought a Colt 1911. I also did not have any problems when the G22s came into the market later on. I need to see your grip and how you fire the gun to be sure. Some ideas:
    1. Shoot with the tip of your finger. The more the finger you use, the more left the muzzle will go when you pull the trigger.
    2. Keep your left finger off the front of trigger guard. This will pull gun down and to your left.
    3. Keep your thumbs straight and pointed at the target.
    4. Do not have a death grip on the gun,it will not fly out of your hands.
    5. Some students flinch when pulling the trigger because of the low weight of the polymer gun, coupled with the snappy 9mm. Put some dry fire rounds randomly in the magazine. See if you flinch low and to left when the gun does not fire. You said you do not have this problem with the .40. The .40 is not as snappy. Try a 10mm or .45 from Glock, I bet you will be surprised.
    Well, these are some of the issues I have helped others with. Some or none may apply to you. Like I said, I would have to see you fire the weapon. Good luck!
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    Why couldn't you have posted this a couple of weeks ago? As a new shooter I was having all sorts of problems with my G22, and just last week figured out all this stuff. I was having problems with #1, #4, and #5 above. My biggest problem was number four! I chatted with one of the range officers and he suggested that I hold the gun like I am trying to hold a Cannary in my hands, but try not to injur the bird. Boy did that work. I did much better on Friday and this morning I went out and when I paid attention I put 8 shots in a 2" circle at 7 yards. That might not be great for someone with experience, but boy was I excited.