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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by JorgeI, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. JorgeI

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    Hi, I´m new here, hope someone can guide me with this problem.
    I bought a new Glock 23 .40. I´m new to Glock, choose it for its known reliability. Fired 4 boxes of different ammo and had 15 failures to fire with a light, off centered, primer strike. Everything looks good, pulled the tiger, no boom. Failures happened also in the first round, manually cycled.
    Failure rate:
    Magtech (factory) 180 grs failures: 8/50
    Gunsmith told me this was very strange and gave 3 boxes to try with a different lot ammo:
    Magtech hollow point 180 grs failures: 0/50
    Magtech 180 grs: 1/50
    Reloaded ammo: 6/50
    That´s a 7.5 % failures, way too much, something is wrong. It doesn´t look like an ammo problem, it must be me or the gun. I invited a friend to shoot and have the same problem, but he is not used to firing glocks. It´s my first glock, I haven´t had any problem with other pistols.
    Glock Armorers Manual says this could be because a tight extractor, a slide lock reversed or not beveled, an unlocked wrist or a slide slightly out of battery.
    I most likely would have to send the G23 back for a repair, but before doing so I would like to be certain that is not a user related problem.
    Someone has any idea of what could be wrong with this new glock? How can I know if the problem is with my shooting or with the gun? Thanks.

    Some pics of the primer strike (left one fired, the one on the riht didn´t):

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    That's friggin' ugly. There's a major flaw in the bolt, and it has nothing to do with the ammo. Take it back, get your money back, and buy a Springfield. Before you do that, review a bunch of Glock boards and a bunch of Springfield boards, and I guarantee that you will find that the Glock boards have 3X the "problem" posts that the Springfield boards do. Hell, compare the two here....

  3. Dillinger

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    First off - Welcome to the FTF Community!

    Second - I really wish I could say that I was surprised, but I am not.

    The Glock is a weapon that has benefited from a great marketing policy. Everyone in the industry knows it, but the average civilian isn't in the loop.

    You have one of a couple of problems, and no matter what, THIS WEAPON needs to go back to the manufacturer immediately.

    You have a firing pin that has either folded at the tip ( become short ) or is broke.


    Your firing pin spring isn't strong enough to send the the firing pin forward fast enough, and far enough, to ignite the primer.

    The mere fact that you had several FTI ( failure to ignite ) but also had some rounds go off, leads me to be believe your firing pin hole being dirty is NOT the issue.

    Take this pistol back, get your money and spend some time doing some research on another option....

    Best of luck - PLEASE keep us posted...

  4. JorgeI

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    Thanks for your ideas. Although it is new I cleaned and lubricated it by the manual. I went to the range today with 2 boxes of Winchester 180 grs and two of magtech 180 grs (different lot from the one that failed). I tried to correctly lock my wrist. Result: I didn´t have any failure!
    I hope the problem is gone, I´ll try it some more.
  5. skullcrusher

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    I'm sorry, but are you saying the previous problem was eliminated with you 'correctly locking' your wrist? Or, are you saying that the different ammo was the key? Or are you saying that it is because you cleaned it?
  6. canebrake

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    Take a look at these spent casings fired from a 20 year old G22 last week.


    I think you can clearly see your striker isn't consistent. The only rounds that went bang were the ones the striker had sufficient energy.

    Kind of takes the wind out of your statement, "I´m new to Glock, choose it for its known reliability."

    My glock has been retired to 'range lizard' status and I simply do not trust it as a PD weapon.

    Buy a handgun with a real firing pin, a 1911!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]