New Glock 36 working great

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    Hi gang,

    I am new to this forum and am really enjoying it.

    Last summer, I bought my first Glock (G-19) and am really amazed at it. The state LEA I retired from use Sigs and I have many of them and love them. However, I can certainly see why Glock products have the following they have.

    A couple of months ago, I traded my Sig compact SAS Custom shop 1911 GSR, for a new Glock 36 and $200. I just don't do well with compact 1911s and will stick to my two full size ones, a Colt and a Kimber, when I get the 1911 urge.

    Got home with my new G36, and then read all the horror stories about this model. So, I called Glock on the Monday morning after the gun show and talked to a real nice rep. He shared with me that he liked Sigs and 1911s and had a number of them.

    I shared my concerns with him about what I have read on the various forums about the G-36 and he asked for my serial number. He then said I should be OK and just enjoy it.

    Shot it briefly back in January before we went south for the winter. It seemed very accurate and fed and shot 3 different types of HP ammo as well as FMJ/ball ammo.

    Just came home, bought a Pearce mag extension (+1) and installed it last night. Shot about 50 rounds through it today (a combination of JHP and FMJ/Ball ammo) and it was flawless (even with the Pearce extension which in my opinion could lower the stock spring tension a little).

    This gun is very mild to shoot and very accurate.

    Talked to a local gun shop/indoor range owner today and he agreed with me on my opinion of the G-36. He said they have a 2 year old G-36 that is used as a range gun and they have had zero problems with it.

    I guess the only problem I now have is which gun to carry in my car or truck (my main, always in my pocket gun, is a P-32 KelTec-:confused:).

    I have been using my G-19 for this (I know I did mention my love affair with Sigs and 1911s) but this G-36 is going to be a contender.

    This is a great forum and I really appreciate all the info that is posted.


    Trooper Joe