New Glock 26 gen4, I am Impressed.

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by MichSteve, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. MichSteve

    MichSteve New Member

    I have been away from Glock for awhile, I just got to shoot my new G26 gen4, I shot it with no back strap and it fit my hand great, it was very accurate, I shot 100 rounds with no failures.

    This may replace my Kahr PM9, the PM9 is accurate and has 1000 rounds with no failures. I have tried to pocket carry it but it is to big for me in that roll, so if I am going to carry IWB I would pick the G26 it is a little thicker, however it hold 10 +1 rounds compared to the PM9's 6 +1 rounds.
  2. Misfire

    Misfire New Member

    Yep, Glocks are great guns. I own a G17. But I still have my Kahr CM9. As you say, as good as the Glocks are, even their smallest is still too big and bulky to be used as a pocket gun. Suggest the 25 cent trigger job. Either do it yourself, or get someone to. Basically just polish all the metal on metal surfaces. It can take as much as a pound off the trigger pull and make it much smoother.