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Hello from Miami. I am returning to shooting after a long hiatus and am pleased to find this forum and look forward to active participation.

I recently got my federal C&R so that I can restart my collection --- a Garand is first on my list to join my father's M1911 service pistol. I'm also looking forward to receiving my Florida concealed permit in the coming weeks.

I firmly believe that the Constitution says what it means and means what it says. I was very please to see the Heller ruling and although I think it didn't go far enough it was excellent news. My wife and I are moving to Savannah next year so I was also pleased to see the latest Georgia law changes.

If I had my way there wouldn't be anywhere near the number of no-gun areas there are in Federal, Florida or Georgia law. I see no reason why a law abiding citizen cannot carry a weapon into a post office, courthouse or school. Quite aside from the personal defense argument, these restrictions are based solely on the paranoid premise that every citizen lawfully possessing a firearm is a risk to society.

I also believe that firearms training (safety and marksmanship) should be active subjects in public schools. In the interest of public safety we teach kids to drive in school; in the interest of personal safety some schools even teach kids how to use a condom. But for some unfathomable reason we refuse to teach kids how to safely handle and use a firearm. Just makes no sense to me.

Anyway, its nice to be here and I look forward to learning and contributing.
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