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    I just replaced my handguards on my Delton with a one piece free float . Do I have to check for headspace? I went back with exact same parts bolt, upper, and all . It seams as tho my head space is smaller now ?is that possible ?if I turned the nut farther then previously set it shouldn't matter right? Sorry if explanation is vague
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    I don't see how that would affect headspace. Which is bolt to barrel extension.

    What makes you think it's smaller?

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    Hrm. I think you have the definition of headspace wrong.

    Headspace is measured from the bolt face to the inside of the barrel extention. Imagine if you will, where your .223/5.56 round (bullet) goes when you load up your AR. The very end of the barrel there is a cavity (chamber) where the bullet goes into. The chamber is loacted in the barrel extention, and is located inside the upper receiver. The bolt closes up the chamber, holding the round in place. Headspace is measured inside chamber.

    Even if you had to remove the barrel when you changed out the handguards, you would not have changed the dimensions of your chamber. Headspacing is not required.

    You want to measure headspacing, if you had shot a lot of rounds though your gun. The chamber tends to erode and get larger with higher round counts. If you have a lot of rounds in your gun, it is a good idea to headspace your rifle.

    If you are buying a used rifle and do not know for sure the round count on it, its a good idea to headspace your gun.

    If you just changed the reciever extention on your barrel (this is very unlikely as most people would just buy another complete barrel) headspacing should be done.

    If you are looking to make match grade hand loads and want to maximize OAL then headspacing should be done.
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