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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by BenLuby, Oct 5, 2011.

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    We have sections designed specifically for long guns, and semi's and revolvers. What about a general firearm section for those that have a question that crosses both of those lines?
    For example:
    My issue? Building an AR-15, since I want one, but I do have a reliable and solid hunting gun. Doesn't change the fact that I want a 15 because I just like them.
    BUT...I am also looking at replacing my CC, since I want a much more reliable side arm, although my .40 Hi-Point does the job...but it's like walking around with a Buick in your pocket.
    So, what I am seeking opinions on is which way to go?
    I don't want to start two separate topics, but I know in the handgun section I'm going to get opinions leaning toward replacing my CC (I'm looking strongly at the XD .45), but on the long gun section I expect a lot of 'get the AR' comments.
    I fully expect to have a new CC, (though I am still not 100% on the XD), and an AR, I am just weighing options and getting some opinions.
    For this reason, a general firearms section would be nice, so that we have an area where, hopefully, both groups can discuss pro's and con's of the cross over topics, rather than having to decide on one or the other.
    Anyone else agree, or am I being silly?