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Any updates on the CCW for Illinois ?
CCW is inevitable, the clock is ticking and we get constitutional carry June 9th. I for one on the surface would love constitutional carry, but in reality it'll be a bad thing for those people who wish to carry because every county and municipality will write their own restrictions and it'll become a NIGHTMARE for those who wish to carry from town to town to town. Have to stop at each border and change your carry. NOT GOOD.

That is why Illinois NEEDS a good carry bill with preemption. HB0997 is such a bill introduced by Southern Democrat Rep. Phelps and sponsored by the NRA. It's not a one sided bill and have been negotiated for 10 years with various groups across the state to please everyone and get their support. 0997 or a bill very very similar will end up as our carry bill.

There is another bill HB1155 which is a shell bill, also a carry bill, but has some very very bad amendments attached to it. We do NOT want 1155 because of these bad amendments.

What every Illinois resident NEEDS to do now is contact their elected officials, their reps in particular since that is there the fight is currently. Tell them to ONLY support a bill endorsed by the NRA, tell them to vote no for any bad amendment. Tell them you want preemption, no home rule.
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