New FMK 9C1 Gen2

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    A very good friend bought me and my wife a lifetime membership to Front Sight, and in return, because of the promotion at the time, he received two new FMK 9C1 Gen2 9mm pistols.

    FMK is a new manufacturer out of California so they are all American made. The standard one you can buy in a store has the Bill of Rights engraved all over the slide. The ones my friend received don't have the Bill of Rights, but rather a Front Sight engraving, along with one saying "You are a Weapon, Your Firearm is Just a Tool."

    So, I had an almost brand new Bersa Thunder 380 that he wanted, and he had these two new 9mm's he didn't want. He did me a HUGE favor as a friend, to try to build up my firearm equity, and swapped, one Bersa for two FMK's. I jumped at the chance.

    Saturday, I took them both out, along with another friend who is really interested in one of them. The first mag she fired, she had about 4 or 5 jams. Then I changed her grip, and from then on, never had another misfire or jam. Mine did not jam at all. We fired a total of nearly 200 rounds, no problems at all. They are accurate, fun to shoot, break down fairly easily...I think a very good value.

    In the box: You get the gun with (2) 14 round mags, a box of replaceable rear and front sights with different parameters for windage and distance, the manual and warranty card.

    Anyone else have any experience with the Gen 2? I heard the Gen 1 was disastrous.