New firearm owners seeking training

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by jrfctx, Feb 13, 2011.

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    For new firearm owners who are seeking out training these days, there is a wide array of choices out there. Seek out a trainer who espouses common sense in their methodology, one who is inclusive of point shooting, alternative sighting methods(type two focus/aiming off the slide/CAR,etc.), and hard focus on the front sight.

    To exclude any of these things might limit your abilities to survive a gunfight. Take into account your particular needs for defense and start there, but plan to become well rounded by exploring the full spectrum of gunfighting, not just this method vs. that method, because you never know what situation your going to find yourself in. One would also do well to seek out instruction in the use of empty hand combatives and edged weapons, and then learn to integrate all of your fighting skills.
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    There are alot of indoor ranges out there that offer gun traing programs. Also look in you local community college booklet as here where I live they offer training.