New design BCM gunfighter charging handle.

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by JonM, Aug 3, 2012.

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    some of you a while back were wondering how the new gasbusting lip on the bcm gunfighter charging handles work suppressed.

    well i found out today. i put the muzzle brake back on my bcm rifle and used the surefire FA762K today. as my normal habit i oiled the living hell out of the BCG with mobil 1 synthetic and got ready for the first shot.

    supressor did its job reducing the noise to just the slapping of the bcg going back and forth and the snap of the bullet going downrange. best of all not a spec or drop or slight smudge of oil and debris in my face. the gunfighter excels at gas deflection. fired 90 rounds today not so much as a speck on my glasses. altho there is more gas at the rear escaping from between the receiver halves and you do breathe that in if your not careful from running supressed i didnt have crap in my face. with the gunfighter i would have done just fine with no glasses on.

    the suupressor did blow a LOT of junk into the mag and the bullets still in the mag were excessively dirty it didnt affect accuracy.

    running an ar suppressed is definately not a clean thing to do. the good though is keeping the bcg super oily none of the crap stuck to it or the receivers. just a quick wipe with a rag and good to go again.

    bcm gunfighter charging handle is A++++ number 1 awesome. highly recomend it.

    sorry no pics i forgot the memmory card in the camera :(
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    Thx for the review Jon. I got the new redesigned BCM CH, cant wait to test it with my can. Which hopefully the stamp will gets back end of this month.

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    u know the drill ..... :p

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    its hard to take pics of a product in action that is preventing something bad from happening especially when i left the memmory card in my laptop... heh

    anyway here is a pic to keep you happy


    what hath been seen cannot be unseen!!
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    Thanks for the review Jon! In late 2010 I got the old style GunFighter Mod 4 and noticed the new version came with my recent BCM upper. It does look like it seals better than the old version but I couldn't see the difference with the standard A2 FH.