New defense shoot practice ideas????

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  1. Me and my family i.e My brothers,step dad and mother. Thats right my mom practices with me she is my main partner haha and deadly;). Anyway we practice out in the desert defensive pistol shooting. I am running low on thins and techniques to practice with them. We do a lot of a type of double tap practice, buddy shooting, covering each other for reload etc etc. I am looking for some ideas on new stuff to try. If you practice something that u think works good i want to know. Or if you have read or heard of something i wanna know about that too. I just like being up to par with my gun and spending time and teaching my family is my fav pass time.
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    I shoot at 8" white paper plates. You can put a paper plate and above that, an index card. Then another plate and index card. It's An old drill, put two into the plate and then one in the index card. Then keep the gun moving to the next station and repeat.

    It was originally set up with two plates n cards because revolvers only hold six rounds but w high capacity autos, you can set up multiple tgts at multiple ranges. I think they used to call this Mozambique drills in the day. These tgts are budget friendly and track well.

    YouTube has a great video from the All Army Shooting team on how to call your shots.

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    It is called the Mozambique Drill or Triple Tap, my favorite!



    In rapid defensive shooting there are no fliers, just OODA loop resets!

    Yo homie, that my briefcase?

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Collateral‬‏[/ame]

    Put them in the coke bottle and all's well!

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    New shooting

    Try tap tap and swap hands and tap tap. Get comfortable shooting with either hand. This will keep you busy for a while.
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    Was watching the magpul dynamics pistol DVD a few days ago and I gotta say they have quite a few good drills to run. I would recommend taking a look into them
  6. Thanks everyone for the ideas. I like these drills they are simple and good to practice. Defenatly will be doing these next outing.
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    Prop up a dime and shoot it at 15 yards away.. :)
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    In LEO training they do a training exercise using your bad hand by firing 2 magazines as fast as possible and hitting the target with semi decent shots...The first time I did it at my school my hand cramped up bad but I eventually got the hang of it somewhat..It's a pretty hard drill if you never tried it before but it's always good to know if you were ever to have an injury with your good hand to know that you won't be s**t outta luck with using your other hand.
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    One thing to expect when SHTF, is the unexpected.

    As the gentlemen above say, vary your practice procedures.
    Use the "what if..." scenario, but keep it realistic.
    Aliens in UFOs are not scheduled to be on Earth for a while yet.
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    You'll also see the term FTS (Failure To Stop). That's another name for the Mozambique, though it will also at least mention that you are making a decision after the first two rounds that the target has failed to stop (FTS) so you shift to the head.

    There's a website called (be sure to include the hyphen, or you'll get to a different website) that has a lot of drills posted.
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    as mentioned use "what if" ideas. like did the attacker shove you down to the ground and you have to draw and shoot from your back? or are you planning on using a flashlight with one hand? try alternating hands. and different positions. on back. from chair.