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We pride ourselves in the fact that we can beat just about anyones price on anything that we carry or can order. Right now we are having a special on the following:

Magpul PRS black/od/tan - $200
Magpul CTR mil-spec - $85
Magpul CTR commercial spec - $99

Harris Bipods
HBSBR 6-9" Swivel Notch Legs - $90.99
HBSLM 9-13" Swivel Notch Legs - $90.99
HB5 Harris Bipod AR-15 Adapter - $12
HB1A2BRM 6-9" Notch Leg NON Swivel - $65.99
HB1A2LM 9-13" Notch Leg NON Swivel - 65.99
Plus many more models!

ACOG TA11 - $910
ACOG TA31 - $850
ACOG TA339 - $715
ACOG TA55 - $1,165
Just a few examples send me a PM if you have another in mind!

Mark 4 10X40MM M3 Mil-Dot - $1,200
Mark 4 4.5-14X50MM LR/T M1 Illuminated Mil-DOT - $975
Mark 4 3.5-10X40MM LR/T M3 Mil-DOT - $895
Again just a couple examples so PM me if you have any other needs!

511.A651 - $355
512.A651 - $365
552.A651 - $435
552D1 - $445
Plus many more...

We can offer these prices with cash, if you wish to pay by PayPal or credit please add 3%. All these come factory sealed with full warranty. We are willing to drive and meet you if you are local in Southern California. We pride ourselves with being able to beat any price on anything that we carry or can get so please send us PM or email if you are looking for anything. Feel free to email us at [email protected] TO make you feel more comfortable with your purchase you can email us or send us a message on here and we can give you all out contact information. Our website is Http:// but it is not up yet but should be in a couple weeks. Please email us or message us with any questions you have.
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