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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by boomenshutzen, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. boomenshutzen

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    I took my brand spankin' new Dan Wesson CCO to the range for the first time today and put 100 rounds through it. First off, this gun is a thing of beauty. My first 1911 was a Colt Government Model (technically, my Dad's, but I claim it since I've put more rounds through it :p ) and it's certainly nice too, but the Dan Wesson is on a whole other level. I sold a Glock 23 that I never really liked to partially fund this purchase and I won't even attempt to compare the two...not even in the same ballpark. The finish on the Dan Wesson is beautiful and the fit is tighter than a snakes ***. The action is smooth and there are no rattles whatsoever. Simply, THE nicest gun out of the box I've ever handled.

    The pistol performed nearly flawlessly. I couldn't get my hands on any WWB locally, so I picked up a Remington UMC Mega Pack for break in. Only magazines used were the two factory mags supplied with the gun. The last round on the first run of each mag failed to feed properly (rounds #7 and #14). After that, I experienced no issues of any kind. The UMC was pretty dirty, so cleanup was a chore. Accuracy seemed very good...I'm not the best shot in the world, but Dan made me look pretty good. I chewed a softball size hole in the target backboard by the end of the range session.

    I do have one issue with the gun that I hope works out over time. The thumb safety is very stiff. When I disengage the safety it is firm, with a very positive click and it feels good. However, engaging the safety (flipping it up) is impossible with just my thumb. I must use my weak hand and considerable effort to engage the thumb safety. I looked at the plunger tube and it seems to be installed properly from what I can tell. I'm going to apply a little oil and work the safety while I watch TV and see if it loosens up unless, of course, someone here has a better recommendation.

    Thumb safety aside, I am in love with this gun. I'll try to get some pics up soon. At this point I can see more Dan Wesson 1911s in my future. I like the CCO size, but my next with either be a full size or commander. After I have a few thousand rounds through this one I'd like it to be my EDC weapon.

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    Thanks for the report - my next gun will be a Guardian in 9mm (want one baaaaaaaad). Have heard nothing but great things about Dan Wesson guns!


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    I picked up a used Dan Wesson Pointman recently, a pre-CZ version. Mine has had a bit of smith work before I got it: trigger job, reliability package, national match barrel. Shoots fantastic!
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    I've never had a DW that I am willing to part with.
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    The DW CCO has a rather large following due to it's quality, tight build tolerances and outstanding accuracy - not to mention its beauty as a pistol.
    Put up some pics when you can, and congrats!
    In the meantime, here's a pic of mine in front of my Valor, both in their Ivory sportcoats. I had the trigger swapped for an STI long carbon (I do this on all my carry pistols) and had an Ed Brown slim tactical ambi safety put on as well.
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    Those are some dapper Dans, Sarge!

    As soon as I got my CCO the Valor shot up to the top of my "Must Have" list.

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    I received mine in Aug. There's a thread on it around here somewhere.
    Of the two mags I received with it, one has been flawless the other will work just long enough to get my hopes up. Then it will attempt to pull the last 2 rds off at the same time. I found a Wilson mag for it at the LGS, it worked, so I at least have 2 functional mags for it now. I was also pointed at Tripp research. I've just been lazy and not gotten to ordering. I tried a Kimber Mag I found at a local shop. It looked identical to the Check Mates that came with the gun, NO-GO. It ran worse than my "Bad" mag.
    I've found mine to be VERY accurate. Reliability is there too, with mags it likes. I shot mine in a pin match last week just to build my confidence in it. It ran good. Good fun. FWIW I was running 8 rd Wilsons for a full size.
    As for the safety, it should loosen up quickly. Mine was a bit stiff, but nothing out of the norm. It's a bit lighter & much smoother now.
  8. boomenshutzen

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    I've had no further failures after the first instance with each magazine. Good to hear the safety will loosen up a bit. Mine has improved, I no longer have to remove my hand and reach over to engage it...I can use my left thumb to press on my right thumb to flip it on. I can ALMOST engage it with one thumb now. Perhaps it's a problem with my weak, girl-like hands. Ha! I've put another 150 rounds through it since my last post with no issues. I've been shooting a combination of Remington UMC 230gr FMJ and USA Ammo 230gr FMJ. So far, I prefer the USA Ammo as it seems to run cleaner and recoil less. I've been collecting a variety of JHP to run soon.

    I've had no trouble with the two Check Mate mags that came with mine. But I will be getting some Tripp mags after reading about them here. I contacted Tripp Research and they agreed to let me drop by and pick them up since I don't live far from their location, even though they don't have a retail storefront. That will save me a few bones on shipping which is appreciated.