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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by skullcrusher, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. skullcrusher

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    I've been having issues with the battery on my nearly 3 year old cell phone, which I used to love. I figured I would get a new battery and all would be cool. Well, before that could happen, the phone has started to eff up. Sometimes, the screen goes black. Sometimes, I don't get calls or texts. Sometimes, I would go to make a call, and it would start the call then shut off. Now, I can't get texts, can't send texts, the camera is messing up, I have speaker issues, some keys work sometimes and other times they don't. I got a tad miffed with it yesterday and threw it against a solid core steel door. Guess what works now...:D

    Ok, enough of my issues, when looking for a new one, what do you all suggest? I don't like the Blackberries, slides and all. I like the LG line. I use it for calls, texts and the camera. I don't need tons of apps or touch screen or "look at me, I have a way cool phone" type stuff.

    Any and all suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.
  2. dog2000tj

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    I have a BB issued through work. I didn't want it, but it is pretty handy. I know a lot of folks who have gotten the Droid and they rave about it.

    If I had my way, I'd do away with cell phones and go back to face to face communications ;)

  3. skullcrusher

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    I've thought about the Droid...

    I would like to get back to what you said, but there are no pay phones anymore.
  4. Josey Wales '94

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    That is the way I feel, and I'm still a teenager. I don't need all the "cool" things that I won't use, so I just went to Best Buy and got a "Pay as you go phone". Yeah, like one of those trac phones. It was only 30$ and I walked out three or four minutes after picking it up. I just took my SIM card from my old phone and put it in this one, and it works. But, the camera sucks like no other, but you can text and you can call great.
  5. Shihan

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    I would be lost without my BlackBerry. I can edit Word, Powerpoint, and Excel Documents. Get 10 e-mail accounts. Manage my schedule. Access the web at anytime. Keep up with friends on Messenger. Watch NFL games. Use it as a GPS. I can do it with BB. That's just me.:D
  6. Yunus

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    Whose your carrier?

    Iphone - I had a 3G, I would highly recommend the 3GS or 4G. I like the platform, normally I hate Apple stuff but their phone just works well and the battery is decent, however not user replaceable which is annoying. You want almost any app for free, jailbreak and check out Hackulous/Installous.

    Samsung Captivate - The only Droid phone on ATT worth looking at. It's my current phone, works well, different than the Iphone but not better or worse in most aspects just different with more options, where the Iphone is reliable and makes you do something a certain way droid offers 3 options, maybe you like having that choice maybe you don't. Screen is bigger, brighter, better than the Iphone. Battery is user replaceable but does not last as long as the Iphone battery, I MUST charge it every night to be sure it will last until the next night. Apps are almost as good but not quite as good as Apple's selection.

    Nice phone, similar to the Samsung Captivate in that it runs Droid. 2.2 is already out I believe, and Verizon allows wireless tethering(for extra $$$ a month), something ATT only allows wired and then only with phone software not ATT software. Other than that the review of the Captivate is close on the mark however on Verzion the Iphone is not an option.

    Evo 4g
    You pay a 4g convience fee for this phone even if you don't have 4g in your area. Screen is AWESOME 4.3 or 4.5" I can't remember but I have friends who have it and it is great. Wireless tethering is available for another monthly fee. Other than that you have all the droid apps and such and 2.2 is available now for this phone.

    Bottome line, you want simple go Iphone, you want options go Droid, you want Black berry messaging, you gotta go BB, but honestly I have a BB and can't stand it compared to any other smart phone out there. IMO if BB wants to stay on top of the market they are going to have to adopt droid as their OS and have their BB apps on the droid phones which are better hardware. Except in battery life, BB wins hands down on battery life.

    If you just want text messaging and not email on the go, ignore my suggestions and save yourself $30 a month. Smartphones are great but not worth the extra $$$ unless your going to use them. This site shows up great on both my Iphone and Droid.
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  7. Gatekeeper

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    If you just want a phone, for calls and text/pics/vid messaging and very basic web use, the Casio Rock I got is very durable and has been trouble free. It doesn't have the memory for serious web use though. Battery stays charged for days.
    I've dropped in mud & water on jobsites, banged, beat it around and actually ran it (accidently)through a super cycle and extra rinse in the washing machine and it still works great.
  8. lonyaeger

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    Here's a good one:
  9. cpttango30

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    I wouldn't buy an Iphone it will cost you more than anyother phone out there. then you are going to get the iphone4 which SUCKS.

    Droid is the way to go. All major cell carriers have droid phones.

    HTC is at the top with their droid phones.

    If you have verizon get the droid X 8mp camera tons of apps that you will end up using. They have a great app for finding the constellations and many more. The market for apps is growing for the droid platform.

    With the Iphone you are stuck with apple Itunes and apple app store which only allows specific apps to be in the store.

    I have a BB right now and I am waiting till I can cancel the AT&T contract and switch to verizon and hook myself up with a droid phone. I have an old 8310 curve it works the browser is slower but it does have BBM and I talk to shihan rsg and daggle almost every day on it.

    the evo 4g looks to be an outstanding phone. The nice thing about it is you can share the internet connection with other devices in the same area.

    Droid is an iphone killer. Mainly because you have to be with AT&T for your phone. AT&T SUCKS I drop calls all the time. I am lucky to get a cell signal at work and I can see a cell tower out my office window. My office mate has verizon and they have full power at the school.....

    Google is taking over the world and it is going to eat microsoft and apple for breakfast soon. get a droid.....
  10. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    I text more than I call on my cell phone. I have an LG EnV 2 and I'll be replacing it soon with an LG EnV 3.
  11. doctherock

    doctherock New Member

    I have the droid x. got it for my schooling due to needing a internet connection. I love it. Takes 8 megapixel pics and has a 720p video as well.
  12. 2hot2handle

    2hot2handle Member

    LG Chocolate Touch. working like a charm for me at the moment.

    Edit: Verizon is the carrier in case you were wondering