New CCW makes mistake but knew what to do

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    I have been carrying for (3) months now. I have teen age children at home and i am ver particular about storing my firearm. I come home go into m bedroom imediatley. Get a lock box from under my bed open it and set it on my dresser, check the room for dogs and kids. No dods no kids, remove my pistol from my holster and set it in the box. I opened the slide the chamber was empty i tiped it up to stick my pinky finger in like i allways do but to my suprise there was a hollow point round. I forgot to drop the magazine, no panic . I dropped the slide and charged a round, so i could remove the magazine. With my ruger sr9c you can not drop the magazine if the slide is back. I than dropped the magazine, racked the pisto
    To remove the chambered round. Reated my visual and pinky check. Dropped the lock through the open slide, locked the box and put it under my bed.

    I am not proud of the fact I messed up my routine, i am very proud of the fact that i knew what to do. I have practied this hundreds of times. Since i carry condition three i wanted to be preparred if i ever had to chamber a round and not use it. So i practice that routine a couple times a week

    Probably not a big deal to the more experienced guys but nice moment for me.
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    Have you taught your teen age children how to shot . How to respect firearms. If not, do so . Use a .22 pistol. Let them learn so they understand and then respect them. Nothing to fear if taught well. Do you shoot with any practical pistol groups? If not, maybe give them a good look over and you may find the time that you and the kids my enjoy it. I read your procedures as a bit to controled but that does tend to go with newer shooters in general.

    Condition 3?? Please work to get away from condition 3. Handguns have typicaly several built in safetys. If You are jumped close up or just have someone slip up on you between vehicals and your grabbed, you loose the use of your other arm and trying to defend off someone you are then holding a 400 dollar rock. You might be better off with pepper spray or a legal knife.

    For when for must unload check out Safe Directions Ballistic Contaniment pads.

    I don't unload. My pistols is loaded at all times . They get shoot every week or two and it finish with the mag in the pistol. I do have a bio-safe to rest my pistol in. If you do learn to carry condition 1 or 0 Watch out about removeing the chambered round and where you place it to be rechambered. Not good with many pistol to rechamber the same round atleast with pistols that need to be cycled by sling shot or by useing the slide release. Bullet can set back. Some can be cycled slowly by hand with no restritions from the cartidge being chambered.
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    Out if curiosity, why can you not drop a mag with the slide locked to the rear on your SR9c? Mine does.