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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Ruger_Nut, Apr 20, 2013.

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    I'm not a photographer but I do a lot of digital photography for work for documentation purposes. I have a Nikon D80 that costs in excess of $800 when originally purchased and a Cannon Power Shot A4000IS that currently runs about $110. I've been using the Power Shot more frequently because it's much easier to handle and it has a video recording feature that works surprisingly well for such a small package. Although I don't have any experience with the model you are looking at, it seems to have similar features as mine and, I'm sure your g/f will be happy with it. Four suggestions:
    1. Bring spare AA batteries.
    2. Bring spare flash memory cards
    3. Set the camera to the higest resolution. You won't be able to store as many photos on the flash drives but, if you get that one photo you want to blow up to poster size it will be worth it, thus: see #2.
    4. Read the owners manual and take a bunch of test photos before going to Germany. There are several different modes you can shoot in and you don't want to miss a good shot out there while your trying to figure it out. Try them by shooting the same subject and see the difference. You can leave it in default (auto) which is fine for any scenic photos but I like to control the flash settings to turn it on even if the default doesn't require it.

    Good luck.

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    Get the 16GB memory card with it, it will take more pictures that way.

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    Get a smart phone. Both were taken with a two year old Droid. :)


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    I use this one as my Nikon back up and around the house camera. Also bought an underwater case for 20$ and shot some under water stuff in Bora Bora. Versatile and sturdy. I can also recommend this case as well.
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    I own sony , nikon and canon point and shoot cameras, I just prefer the canon over them all , It takes the best daytime pics but slacks in the low light picture dept ,its the fastest from on to shutter than any of them , so you wont miss that picture if your in a hurry ., My Nikon takes better night pics because it has a better flash but day pics aren't as brilliant .
    Go to Best Buy even if you dont buy it there and try a few out see how fast you can turn it on and shutter the first pic, take some pics zoomed out all the way and see how they look on the review, , put it in macro and take some within inches of something and review them , Force flash it and see how those look . I always do this before I buy , I want to know whats going to work best for my use .
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    My Wife has a great little Camera. Zoom Lens, Flash and all. It also takes fantastic picutres and you can download them on your laptop or computer to transfer to a CD or Card or print photos when you get back home.
    It is a SONY Digital Cyber-Shot 14.1 Mega-Pixels it has the Carl Zeiss Glass Lens (Some of the best glass available) Also has a port for attaching a small Tri-Pod. You can find them for under $100.00 if you shop around on the Internet.
    It is a fine small digital camera!

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    Double the advice on highest resolution setting. Take extra flash cards, and if it all possible back up to a computer or the web.

    Canon P&S do a great job!
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    Purehavoc is right. Go to Best Buy or your local camera store and play with one. Then buy the one you like. Canon, Nikon, Sony it really is personal preference. Resolution is going to be irrelevant, don't worry about it. Worry about how comfortable you are using it.

    If you are thinking about eye-fi card then Nikon has the best compatibility.
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    I had a cell phone for two years before somebody showed me it had a camera on it. I'm pretty sure my advice on this matter would be absolutely worthless.

    old farts rule....