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    I was in Ohio this week visiting another daughter and grand kids again, and we took the time to run by MKS Supply thinking that they were an outlet for Hi-Point guns. Turns out that they do the marketing and advertising, but they directed me to the Vandalia Range and Armory outside Dayton. What a place! Hey have so many handguns in their glass cases that it's hard to get a hand in there to remove one. The walls of the long gun room are covered as well. I looked at several carbines as well as handguns for my daughter. After fondling a Hi-Point 9mm 995TS carbine, I had to have it for varmints and home defense. The price was right at $259 and I carried it out the door. She liked the Kahr CM9, but will go back with her husband to try a rental on the indoor range.

    Anyone have one of these great carbines? The iron sights are great with a protected front sight and a peep sight at the rear. The rear stock extension is spring loaded to remove all recoil. I have ordered the built in magazine holder with a couple extra mags from the company. I also ordered a red dot. I don't know that I need it, but I like a red dot. Any experience here?

    Dave :)
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    That sounds great. Congrats.

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    Awaiting the range report.....

    Congrats on the new shooter!